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  1. It'sYaGirlK

    No graduation ceremony!?

    I have an update I just found out it’s the same way at my school my cohort graduates in December but they have one big graduation in June that we can attend.. But we still have a pinning ceremony in December when we graduate which is more meaningful to me
  2. It'sYaGirlK

    Frustrated and Unofficial

    Thanks so much
  3. It'sYaGirlK

    Wound Care Certification

    Hello Fam! I am a PNS in the state of Florida and a bit confused by my instructor who told my cohort that as a LPN in the state of Florida we could get wound care certified in order to treat wounds. However today she stated all nurses can treat wounds so I raised my hand and asked if that applied to LPNs being we needed to get wound care certified and she simply stated again all nurses can do wound care. So I let it go. Any LPNS in the state of Florida care to shed light? I plan to get a number of certifications when I graduate but not sure if I actually have to get the wound care certificate.
  4. It'sYaGirlK

    Does the BSN in 10 apply to all nurses or just RN's and why?

    Why not? There are LPN to BSN programs out there..
  5. It'sYaGirlK

    2019-2020 LPN student roll call!

    I started on December 11th and the best advice someone gave me was to do absolutely nothing because it’ll be one hell of a ride once you get started! Best of luck
  6. It'sYaGirlK

    No graduation ceremony!?

    Omg I would be absolutely disappointed if my school tried to pull this on my cohort! So Sorry
  7. It'sYaGirlK

    LIES About LPN's and LVN's

    As a practical nursing student I just wanted to say thank you for this post
  8. It'sYaGirlK

    Advice on drama, bullying and negativity

    Unfortunately I deal with something similar there is this one girl in particular that really irkes my nerves in class and I was a bit taken back by how much it feels like “high school” some days. I’m the queen at ignoring so I literally pay her no mind.. plus I don’t have the friendliest aura so she doesn’t mess with me specifically but her personality is super nasty and negative! My only suggestion is to remain the adult and remember after school ends most likely you won’t see that person again! Best of luck
  9. It'sYaGirlK

    Frustrated and Unofficial

    The title tells it all. Im frustrated and unofficially a nursing student. My school of interest has an awful weird process for nursing students and I'd like to know if anyone experienced the same. My school required you to pass the TABE (Reading, Math, and English Usage) with a 11 to get into the Practical Nursing Program and my scores were subsequently 11, 12.5, and 12.5. Next stop was the TEAS and you only needed a 55 to get in and I made a 76 (first attempt) and I studied my ARSE off so I'm proud of that score. Then we had to complete/update all of our shot records, do background screening, drug test, and a physical which to me was the most frustrating part of this process. I have completed all of the above and have been informed as of OCT 29th that I was accepted into the Nursing Program that starts DEC 11th HOWEVER you have to wait until you receive your ACCEPTANCE LETTER IN THE MAIL so you can register for classes and pick up your financial aide check..to pay for the program, uniforms, and books. BY THE WAY this school operates on a first come first serve basis so we basically have to fight for a spot. Once we get the acceptance letter we can register for class and they only take the first 24 students and 6 slots are already filled from the previous cohort. Fast forward nearly 3 weeks later and still no acceptance letter. After emailing and calling the Advisor and receiving no answer.. I decided to go up to the school in person today and was informed that they were hoping to get the letters out before Thanksgiving but now it won't be until after..and school starts in a little more than 3 weeks. This school is accredited and has great STATS but I'm worried about their process. Anybody else go through a major headache to start school? I'm stressed and just ready to be an official Nursing Student. Le sigh