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  1. I would say forget the accounting degree because once you have your bachelors degree you don’t get any more financial aide (that’s me assuming how you’ve paid nothing thus far) and go ahead and pick back off where you started and finish the BSN at your current school since they have no expiration date on your classes.. best of luck
  2. It'sYaGirlK

    Spouse of nurse

    I feel like we’re saying the same thing just differently.. How can *WE* have bills if I’m the only one paying them? I totally actually agree to everyone who quoted me.. only thing I’m saying is as a woman I don’t care if I make more than my spouse as long as everything still equal.. I do not care to work myself into the ground to hustle and bustle to provide security for the family alone.. it needs to be an equal thing regardless of who makes more.. so that way if one were to get sick or fall on a hardship money will be saved to foot the bills and secure us without any resentment...
  3. It'sYaGirlK

    Should, I giveup?

    Honestly the above poster gave you some jewels and I second the opinion that maybe you’re too hard on yourself! Stand tall and loose the extra emotion..keep asking and keep learning You got this
  4. It'sYaGirlK

    Spouse of nurse

    Just my little unimportant 2 cents... Only way it’s ok for your spouse to make 1/2 of what you do.. is if he can still foot his end of the bills.. It is pretty hard to allow a man to lead if he can’t provide security
  5. It'sYaGirlK

    Will I lose my nursing license for a traffic violation?

  6. It'sYaGirlK

    NCLEX-PN Tips

    Awesome and congrats I’m curious to know how working in urgent care is going for you.. see lots of job posting for new LPNs in urgent care here (Florida)
  7. It'sYaGirlK

    Passed the NCLEX in 82 questions, here’s my story

  8. It'sYaGirlK

    Practical Nursing school

    Nurse Sarah saved me in Med Surg 1!!! Also I would familiarize myself with how to answer NCLEX style questions before going into that block..There are plenty of YouTube Vides out there.. wish you the best of luck
  9. It'sYaGirlK

    Failing LPN school

    Wow my professor in Med Surg 1 would do the same thing.. just shameful really
  10. It'sYaGirlK

    Failing LPN school

    I’m currently in Med Surg 2 as well and I struggled more in MedSurg 1 what saved me is this YouTuber called NurseSarah.. She has an abundant of videos over different topics.. I would watch her videos on the topic being tested and also watched how to answers NCLEX style question videos on YouTube BEFORE EVERY SINGLE TEST until it sticked and my grades DRASTICALLY improved I was able to pull my grade from a 62 and ended Med Surg 1 with a high B average and I’m using this very same tactic in Med Surg 2 and doing well. Oh and if you have a habit of taking notes while you’re reading..STOP.. at least it worked for me..wish you the best of luck
  11. It'sYaGirlK

    Nurses Charged in Deaths of 12 Nursing Home Residents

    I’m on it
  12. It'sYaGirlK

    Nurses Charged in Deaths of 12 Nursing Home Residents

    That is a scary thought
  13. It'sYaGirlK

    Which job would you take?

    Being you have two young children job #2 sounds like the better job to take in the event an emergency happens.. you won’t be too far away.. both sounds great
  14. It'sYaGirlK

    LVN no experience

    Well I know the nurse where I work has his BSN from the Philippines but it wasn’t honored here in the USA but he was able to challenge the LPN boards without further education requirements so he is now working as a LPN here in the states which may be the same situation for the OP
  15. It'sYaGirlK

    My Life After Nursing School/ Revenge of the NCLEX

    Wow congratulations .. this is a testimony as to why you should never give up!
  16. It'sYaGirlK

    Graduating in the Summer