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  1. I am new to this site and for some reason I can't private message you. I am taking the COHN exam on November 4th and am freaking out. I too took Haags course and am worried that I am not studying the right things. Do you have any recommendations?

    1. kicker0927


      Hi there!  So I took the COHN-S and I used Haag’s materials to study for it. I feel the materials were NOT sufficient or focused on the COHN-S exam. However, I can see where they would apply to the COHN as most of the material was very focused on the clinical care aspect of things. I think you’ll be fine if you study her stuff and do the COHN. Don’t freak out, it’s like a 72% pass rate on the COHN test. Good luck!  If you have any more questions I can try to help, but again I took the COHN-S test which I can see now is probably considerably different. 

    2. gpcnurse

      gpcnurse, RN

      Thank you for your quick response, you're the best! I will keep on doing what i'm doing.

  2. kicker0927

    ABOHN CSAT now $50 and two volumes?

    Please direct message me for further details, but I gotta tell you...I just took the COHN-S and I studied for about 6 months for it. I studied the COHN review course materials from Annette Haag’s course. I also purchased every practice test ABOHN offered including all COHN tests and COHN-S tests. The materials covered probably 10-15 of the 160 questions on the test. Unbelievable!!!
  3. So the title pretty much sums it up. I have been an RN for about 8 years now and I am currently finishing my BSN only because it's the easiest bachelor's degree I can get without being stuck taking 50 general ed classes. I can't find any jobs in nursing that interest me. I have done a little bit of OR & ER and I do NOT want to do hospital nursing. Most of my nursing experience has been in the prisons, state regulation of nursing homes for the Dept. of Health, and occupational health for manufacturing facilities and refineries. I like occupational health the most, but its hard to find occ health nursing jobs that aren't contracted or temporary. My end goal is to move to southwest FL and unless I want to work home health, hospice, nursing home, or hospital...there aren't many other options there. Anyways, I'm thinking about either getting Master's in Informatics degree or an MBA. I do not want to do any direct patient care. For the past 8 years I have been the sole medical staff while at work and I don't have to report to anyone on-site including doctors or family. So I would want something very autonomous, day shift, and must be >$100,000/year. I'm thinking MBA is probably the way to go? Would that pair well with my BSN degree, even if I wanted to get into non-healthcare related fields? Anybody have any advice? ...burnt out

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