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  1. kicker0927

    ABOHN CSAT now $50 and two volumes?

    Please direct message me for further details, but I gotta tell you...I just took the COHN-S and I studied for about 6 months for it. I studied the COHN review course materials from Annette Haag’s course. I also purchased every practice test ABOHN offered including all COHN tests and COHN-S tests. The materials covered probably 10-15 of the 160 questions on the test. Unbelievable!!!
  2. kicker0927

    Recommended COHN-S Material?

    Hi everyone. I am preparing to take my COHN-S exam in a few months. I’m wondering what study materials people have found to be the most helpful? I already plan to purchase the COHN book and practice exams from AAOHN. Any other suggestions? I’m a visual learner, if that helps? Has anyone used any recommended study cards? Thank you in advance!
  3. kicker0927

    February 2018 Caption Contest - Win $100!

    "Well, there's no door knob, looks like we dodged this one! Next."