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    Diabetes Educator

    I am in a transition time right now and exploring different job options. I have seen a lot of diabetes educator positions posted in my area. I am interested, but only have basic knowledge. (managed Type 1 kids in school). I was looking on the American Association of Diabetes Educator website and they have a bunch of interesting sounding classes. Is this the best route to go? Have people taken these classes before? Any suggestions?
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    I am in a transition time right now and exploring different job options. I have seen a lot of diabetes educator positions posted in my area. I am interested, but only have basic knowledge. (managed Type 1 kids in school). I was looking on the American Association of Diabetes Educator website and they have a bunch of interesting sounding classes. Is this the best route to go? Any suggestions?
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    Assessing the student on drugs

    There are actual "vape" hoodies, shirts and backpacks out there. Designed to vape or juul without anybody knowing. Hoodies, Backpacks and Gear with Integrated Vapor Delivery System! – Vaprwear Lots of marketing towards teens as well... arg. And the flavor pods are not nicotine free...
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    Sex/Growth Ed for Middle School

    I am also a fan of OWL. They have curriculums for all ages starting elementary and going up until adults. They are in the process of updating everything as well. I am actually teaching both an OWL class at my church for 10-12 and using the curriculum for my sophomore senimar group (in conjunction with others).
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    Blood Drive

    Just hosted mine on Friday. I am at a private boarding high school. We get a mix of students 16 and older, faculty and community members. I don't how the drive fell on health services to plan, but that is the way it has always been done. It is a lot or work- both prep and the day off. To have a successful drive, you need to be constantly looking on the Red Cross coordinator portal ( which is a awful) and remondering peope about opening, what to do the day before and then thy day off. Also finding volunteers to help, and people to hang out posters. Day of is a huge ordeal. This year was very frustrating because every single Red Cross staff gave each and my volunteers conflicting info.., A couple people kept asking to have another drive in the spring .umm, nope. All you
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    Growing pains?? (chronic intermittent leg pain)

    Any pain out of prepotion to the injury also has me squirmy and think something like complex regional pain syndrome.... esp w/ pain hx. Does the student happen to be hyper mobile ?
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    C'Mon Now!

    I have had so many high schoolers come in lately and ask for something to help with their fatigue. No other symptoms, just tired. Stayed up let and didn't get enough sleep... thinks I might have a pill or cure... Um, nope. Maybe don't stay up that late and get some sleep...
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    Health office software

    Another Magnus user here... I like it for the most part (private boarding school)
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    Emergency Meds in 2 locations?

    Does your school have any stock epi pens? If so could you just keep one of those in the new area? That way you (or whomever) will have quick access to epi. If it was used, could switch out with the students own epi?
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    Issues getting Epi?

    Finally got more info on this- Like vampiregirl was saying, it has to do with how the pharmacy sees who the rx is for. If the rx is written for a camp or school, they don't see us as the "end user" and that makes the pharmacy a wholesaler vs. distributor. The pharmacist here was very frustrated and trying to find a work around. Since they are emergency meds and we are not actually giving it to a specific person... Such a pain to deal with...
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    Issues getting Epi?

    Anybody having issues getting Epi? Traditionally we have an rx called into the local pharmacy under the camp name for our stock Epi pens. Talking to the pharmacist, was told that they no longer can issue the rx to a camp or school, but needs to be in a persons name... We also get stock ventolin and ciprodex under the camp name. Haven't heard if this is included or not. Hoping to find out more tomorrow... Have you been able to get Epipens? Are you have to change or decrease the amount you might typically have?
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    Smoking Cessation

    Does anybody have a recommendation for a workshop, conference, webinar etc, for getting a better overview of smoking cessation and current practices. I am in a boarding school setting, and we see lots of tobacco use- more juuling and e-cigs. We have a partnership with a local practice who can see students and will often give gum or patches for us to dispence, but I feel like I don't know a ton of about it....
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    Hi LiketheDeathSea- I'll be there. What camp are you going to be at? I have been to the "tea" at Bridgton Hospital many times. (I don't think they are calling it a tea anymore). It is a week later than usual this year as well. Bridgton Hospital (and Central Maine Medical Family as a whole) is in a huge transition period right now with many providers leaving d/t upper level management issues. It will be interesting to see what they say at the gathering. Typically they give an overview of the hospital services (ER, family practices) and the standing orders and then will have a provider and office manager there for questions... Often has snacks and freebies (one of my fav mugs :-p)
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    Your daily chuckle...

    This reminded me of the story that the instructor from my last CPR recert was telling us. We has the traditional plastic half body named "Jimmy". Start of a scenario student asked "Jimmy, Jimmy are you ok?"...instructor said that Jimmy did not respond. Instead of starting CPR, the student got up and walked away. Apparently "Jimmy" was her ex-husband...
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    Camp Meds... not a fan

    We don't use CampMeds at my camp, but I wish we did for some reasons. I work a boarding school during the year and "campmeds" becomes "schoolmeds" during the year. We use them for our meds. As others have mentioned Dana is wonderful to work with. We had a bunch of issues this year with another person there... at the camp I am at we pack out a ton of meds each week for trips... it really is an error waiting To happen. Also technically repacking meds is out of our scope of practice
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    Making Counselor/Staff Health Training/Orientation Fun

    I have had returning staff help with presentation...acting out camper situations, giving feedback to staff. Then it just isn't the nurse said but comes together as a team approach
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    Boarding school- licensed infimary

    I am at a boarding school- not sure what you mean by "licensed infirmary". I haven't heard that term before. We have a population of around 250 students, with the majority of those being boarders. We have a health center with three full time nurses (one is the director of health services), and we have an administrative assistant. The school also has an athletic trainer who falls under our umbrella. For needs above what we can do in our standing order, we work a local practice to see studnets. Mental health wise we have a number of outside providers (LSCWs, psychologist and a wonderful psychiatrist) who we contract with to see studnets, but are not employees/connected to our school....
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    Just gave Epi for the first time

    I just my first epi last week as well- student had walk a good distance with her epi on her with symptoms before showing up at my door. One look at her and a holy **** later epi was in...
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    Has anybody done the DITEP training? It is two days... worth it? Thoughts? http://www.decp.org/community-resources/ditep/
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    Lost in Translation

    I am at a boarding high school with lots of international students... sometimes you either scratch your head or just laugh. Boy today said he had a couple episodes of diarrhea and was concerned that he might have "a stomach cold" Another boy had a concussion. Said his mom had given him medication to take if he was sick so he was taking it. He didn't think it was helping and didn't know the name of it. Asked him to bring it to the health center. Was penicillin.. Yup, nope.
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    How much do you still do on paper?

    We do everything on paper. We have paper charts that we use every year. They are folders that have the metal fastener things at the top for a 2 hole punch. One side has all the health forms, immunizations, insurance info on it- each year just put the new stuff on top. Other side we take lined notebook paper and chat there and add any paperwork from MD visits, pharm documentation. We also print all email communication with parents and put it there. In some ways it would be so nice to have everything on the computer, but the likelyhood of that happening anytime soon is slim. The simplicity of the paper charts can be nice sometimes...
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    Why camp nursing?

    I grew up going to a summer camp and my mom worked at the brother camp as a nurse. Once I was old enough to get a job/too old to be a camper, I started working at the boys camp. I have done a variety of things so when I got my RN I started doing the camp nurse thing. I love it. I live locally to camp, so have been able to work a few shifts a week before this summer. This year I started a job as a school nurse so will the summer off :)
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    Funny Posters?

    Does anyone have a good resource for funny/humorous posters for high school age? I am looking for things like cough hygiene, flu prevention... Things that are good for the back of a bathroom door stall and arn't just clinical... Have found a few on pintrest, but wondering what others have found.
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    Parents who are Doctors

    I am at a private boarding school and have had a lot of parents who are docs thinking their kids should be exempt from following typical procedures. ex- concussion protocol... parent hasn't actually seen their kid "but knows that they aren't really concussed and should be returned to play"... ummm, nope sorry! Still need to follow the same rules...