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  1. Hi! I am currently studying nursing here in the Philippines as a second courser. Technically, it will take me 4 years again. Yes, I will start from scratch though they credited some of my GE subjects but I still have to follow the 4 year program. Or 3 years if I have to take some subjects during summer. My question is, is there some kind of an acceleration examination or program provided by the government or any school that I can take to lessen my load or years to complete the nursing program?
  2. Didi18

    Nursing in Abroad

    Hi ! I am planning to study nursing here in the Philippines and already got accepted in a nursing school, but I have one concern regarding my vision. I have a 20/20 vision on my left eye but my right eye is 20/200 or "lazy eye" but it does not squint or crossed. It is not even noticeable. My question is, if I want to go abroad and work as a nurse in UK or US will that be a hindrance? Would that mean I am not in good health? Are they very strict in physical exams specifically in vision ? Thank you. I will appreciate any response/opinion.
  3. Didi18

    Regis Program Umak

    Anyone here knows if UMAK still offers regis program for nursing? Thank you
  4. Hi ! Do you have any idea guys if Pamantasan ng lungsod ng Pasig is Accepting second coursers for BSN? Btw, if you pursued nursing, you must be on your 2nd year now. What school did you choose? Thanks!
  5. Didi18

    Nursing 2nd courser

    Hi Maemir! Thanks ! What a relief. Where did they took their BSN? What school ? í ½í¸Š
  6. Anybody here knows if RTRMF COLLEGE OF NURSING IN Tacloban is accepting 2nd coursers? Thanks!
  7. Didi18

    Nursing 2nd courser

    Hi ! Thanks for the response. Really? Can't you just compensate those clinical hours after being an RN? Sorry I don't know much yet. Are clinical hours only done during college / while you're a student?
  8. Didi18

    Nursing 2nd courser

    Hi ! Is it true that foreign employers of nurses(like us, uk, aus, nz) does not accept Registered Nurses who finished BS Nursing as a second course? Thanks! How true is this? Omg I'm planning ** ****** to pursue nursing but it will be my second course. My first degree was BSBA Management.
  9. Didi18

    second courser

    I believe UST is not accepting 2nd coursers. Hmmmm. Not sure though. I just happen to read an article in pinoyexhange.