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  1. PMHNP and telepsych

    That sounds appropriate. But does she do initial assessments along with initial prescriptions over tele/internet? And if you guys took a trip out of the US, I do not believe she would be able to work, at the very least not something that would allow ...
  2. PMHNP and telepsych

    For what it's worth, and I'm sorry but I don't remember the actual legal references right now, but aside from needing to be licensed where the client is, coding presents as a problem (especially with Medicare/aid, which represents the bulk of clients...
  3. Anyone have experience with MSU Texas's NP programs? I'm having a difficult time finding people who received their degree from here. Please feel free to PM me or post here.
  4. Stress Test (aka Burning Man)

    Since you brought this up -- yeah, so far in just the vicinity where I sit we've had one panic attack and three students go on meds (ADHD and mood stabilizers). Yikes!
  5. Stress Test (aka Burning Man)

    Hey guys. I want to thank you all again for your support and advice when I was stressed out. As it turns out, I aced all my subjects. Second semester has not been fun, although I am doing well in my classes. My aim is to be a psychiatric nurse, but ...
  6. Moving Overseas

    My wife is from overseas, and we both know that we want to move to her hometown within 10 years. I have a background in language, art, and science, all at the undergrad level. Much of my family work is in mental health, and I've grown up reading thei...
  7. PMHNP and telepsych

    bumpity bump bump
  8. There MAY be state flexibility with the Ryan Heights act, but I'm not too sure. If you want to setup your own online practice, I would count on that you can't prescribe to patients without first a face to face assessment UNLESS they are in a DEA appr...
  9. Stress Test (aka Burning Man)

    Thank you for the responses, everyone. They have been quite helpful. I think I'm going to have to place boundaries on school, even if it means a few Bs. I will be happier focusing on aspects of the classes that are longitudinally more beneficial tow...
  10. Stress Test (aka Burning Man)

    I don't really care about festivals and dinner parties. I do care about quality time with friends and family, however. I also care about how I'm in my 40s and experiencing arrhythmia and angina when so many men in my family die young due to heart rel...
  11. I'm in an accelerated "leadership" program (as they sometimes put it), which has us taking frequent ATI tests on top of classes. If you don't make the mark they want on the ATI, you lose 1-2 letter grades in the respective class. (Apparently it used ...
  12. UTHSCSA Accelerated BSN 2018

    I got an email at about 7:30 as well, so someone or persons over there have been burning a bit of late night oil, perhaps. I definitely can be grateful for that! Congratulations on all who got in this cycle! You've worked hard and earned it. There's ...
  13. UTHSCSA Accelerated BSN 2018

    Hopeful, I'm sorry to hear that! I was sort of wondering if we would all meet in class some time. (Of course, that's still a distinct possibility!) Thank you for letting us know that notices are beginning to go out.
  14. UTHSCSA Accelerated BSN 2018

    It's 6:12 and I have received no notice. Seeing as the deadline for the traditional program is Feb 1st, I guess there's little choice but to resend documents and pay up for another application. I'll check that everything is assembled, and wait for a ...
  15. UTHSCSA Accelerated BSN 2018

    I got through! FutureRN92's post convinced me to keep trying. I finally reached a very nice woman who told me they are planning to send out notices on the 31st.