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Moving Overseas

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My wife is from overseas, and we both know that we want to move to her hometown within 10 years. I have a background in language, art, and science, all at the undergrad level. Much of my family work is in mental health, and I've grown up reading their work and books. I have a great affinity for it and am interested in working in the field. But can this be done from abroad, i.e. telepsych?

If I became a PMHNP, wouldn't the 2008 Ryan Heights act limit my prescriptive powers? It states that one cannot prescribe to a patient who one has not yet met face to face. There are clinics and hospitals who hire out (the RH act allows prescribing to patients in clinics/hospitals, to my understanding), and maybe that is a viable option for states in which I have a license, but I guess an independent practice would be out. Then again, maybe an independent practice is not the way to go.

I guess there is the option for becoming a counselor, if we're looking at working from abroad via an online practice. If I were to stay in the US indefinitely, PMHNP is surely the way to go, but with our plan to move back to her hometown, perhaps that's not a good idea.

I know that some of you have experience working via telepsych and perhaps even working from abroad, and that many of you have investigated the matter. What have you found? What are your thoughts?

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