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  1. Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    My unit just made their deployments no longer voluntary, anyone that’s qualified is now going. You don’t get your bonus until you’re fully qualified. Flight lag is exactly that, you have to be flying, not just at drill weekend. You have the 12 drill...
  2. Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    There’s really no planning with the military, your time away from home can be all over the place. I commissioned January of this year, waited and waited to go to COT so I could go to flight school. I got two weeks notice of having to be in Alabama fo...
  3. Air Force Reserves Flight Nurse Process

    Oh and dental X-rays and exam. Forgot about that.
  4. Air Force Reserves Flight Nurse Process

    I just had this done at Wright-Patterson. I had pretty extensive blood work, about 12 tubes. Beyond your normal stuff there was a lot for communicable disease, blood type and several others I can't remeber. Chest X-ray. EKG. Full vision exam includin...
  5. Air Force Reserves Flight Nurse Process

    That's fast. Just had my flight physical 2 weeks ago. Hoping for approval by the end of the year.
  6. Air Force Reserves Flight Nurse Process

    I've been at this since December 2017. Went to MEPS beginning of August and just had my flight physical last weekend. My interview is set up for 9 Sept. anyone have any experience on how long it's been taking to get your physical approved? My recruit...
  7. FY 2018 Air Force NTP

    Just got off of the phone with my recruiter trying to find out some sort of a timeline. This is what he gave me: Initial application and paperwork. MEPS Unit interview Flight physical This is specifically for flight nurse in the Reserves. He also s...
  8. FY 2018 Air Force NTP

    Not NTP, applying for 46f with 3 years Trauma exp and my CCRN, CEN, TNS, TNCC.
  9. FY 2018 Air Force NTP

    So if I'm applying for Reserves, just going to MEPS in a couple weeks I should plan on a board sometime next spring or summer?
  10. FY 2018 Air Force NTP

    Reserves here. I finally got my MEPS date. I don't anticipate my packet being ready for a board this year honestly. Just happy the process is finally moving along. I first started speaking with a recruiter last December.
  11. FY 2018 Air Force NTP

    I'm applying for 46f (Reserves). Its just an incredibly slowwwwwwwww process. I'm abkut 8 hours away from the base I will be working out of, so if I do get commissioned I plan on moving closer to there and taking a perm job closer, I'm currently just...
  12. FY 2018 Air Force NTP

    Does anyone know how often the boards meet? I just finally submitted official paperwork to my recruiter a few weeks ago, waiting on a MEPS date. I know I probably won't be submitted to a board until next year, just wondering how often they meet?
  13. FY 2018 Air Force NTP

    He's been good about answering me via text I've found out, and he did outline the steps for me. I'm working as a travel nurse right now and I'm planning on taking a permanent job close to the base near me if/when I'm able to commission. It's just a h...
  14. FY 2018 Air Force NTP

    I'm in northern IL and the recruiter I've been speaking with is in Ohio
  15. FY 2018 Air Force NTP

    How often is appropriate to harass my recruiter? I turned in my initial documents 2 weeks ago and haven't heard anything since, other than he got them. I get he's overwhelmed but I also don't want to annoy him too much.