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    Keeping License Active?

    There is a person on Facebook with an expired RN license who has written books and just published a new book and still uses the title of RN. Someone let me read their copy of the book and it is all full of medical advice. According to her, even if you let your RN license expire, you are allow you to use the title of RN for the rest of your life. She also gives out medical advice as if she was a doctor, which we all know is taboo and I quit her group for this purpose. I am a RN in FL with RSD/CRPS and I got a job working with my local school district part time 8 years ago. I work anywhere from 5-10 days a month and was very fortunate to find this job in the district. I am thankful that I found a job that I totally enjoy. When I was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS I thought my working days were over, but was very fortunate when one of my children's teachers told me the district was looking for a part-time nurse.