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  1. Hi everyone! just wanted to see what are the pros/cons and comparisons (career-wise) of these 2 children hospitals in NY. Thanks in advance
  2. Northwell health salary?

    Thanks for sharing. Congratulations!
  3. Northwell health salary?

    Hello everyone. just wondering if anyone can give some info on northwell health’s (NY) salary for new grad nurses or for their pediatric nurse fellowship. trying to compare with other hospitals around the area. thanks!
  4. DYouville Nursing Fall 2018

    according to the curriculum, they offer it one after the other and they're offered during both semesters, in spring and fall. And it takes at least 7 semesters to complete the nursing classes, which is about 3 years.
  5. DYouville Nursing Fall 2018

    How do you know that you need all these classes? It's only the ones that say "needed" right, something like that? And yeah from what I saw in the curriculum, we take our gen ed classes at the same time as the nursing classes.
  6. DYouville Nursing Fall 2018

    Congrats on getting accepted! Have you taken does humanity courses? They're making me retake one class because it wasn't equivalent still trying to get it accepted. It was kind of confusing to read the transcript evaluation sheet!
  7. DYouville Nursing Fall 2018

    I sent you a private message on here. And no I haven't! Just seen pictures. I've heard good things about the school from other nursing forums on here. I just read that the area isn't the best, but I saw it on google maps and it honestly doesn't look ...
  8. DYouville Nursing Fall 2018

    I know! & I'm not sure, hopefully soon! Do you have Instagram, if you don't mind adding each other!
  9. DYouville Nursing Fall 2018

    For some reason it was a 3 credit course at my school but it had both lecture and lab. So I guess they want to see why it wasn't a 4 credit course. It does suck! I would hate to retake a class that I paid for and got a good grade in
  10. DYouville Nursing Fall 2018

    Yeah because it didn't meet their requirement I'm hoping I could find a way to not retake it. And yes! Once you get your package, it'll show you every class you need to take and how your credits transferred. Do you have a degree already, or did you ...
  11. DYouville Nursing Fall 2018

    They're making me retake microbiology í ½í¸© I'm trying my hardest to make them accept it. I'm still waiting for a response from the department. I think if everything is accepted, we can finish in 3 years... have you heard the same? I want to finish ...
  12. DYouville Nursing Fall 2018

    Yup! I'm going to DYouville :) ! How about you? Do you Have other colleges in mind?
  13. Traditional Nursing bachelor degree

    TurtleKI, I will look into these colleges. Thank you!!
  14. Traditional Nursing bachelor degree

    Hey! Yeah I'm looking for a traditional 2 year BSN program. Getting an ABSN usually take about a year or 16 months depending on the school. It is more rigorous and doesn't allow time to work, which is why I rather take the traditional 2 year program ...
  15. DYouville Nursing Fall 2018

    My cumulative gpa is a 2.7 , pretty low. But my prerequisite gpa is a 3.6. I heard they look at the overall applicant making it more lenient to get accepted! I hope you get in too!