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  1. Case Mix

    I am in case mix state, I have a patient that was discharged to hospital on 5/18 and we opened today a quarterly combined with discharged to capture the IV received on 5/18. My concerns is for interview I don't like to dash, especially I heard that ...
  2. Active diagnosis

    Since no behavior, hallucinations,or delirium noted during the looking back period. I just entered the diagnostic of dementia (I4800)
  3. Active diagnosis

    Patient has history of dementia with disturbance behavior, however no behavior observed during the looking back period. Also in our facility They keep behavior in care plan they don't cancel it.
  4. Active diagnosis

    [COLOR=#000000]Hello, I have a patient with past medicalhistory of dementia with psychosis; however she did not receive any psychotropicmedication during the looking back period. The only medication she has ishaldol for psychosis which she did not re...
  5. OBRA assessment

    Thank you. I really appreciate you're help!
  6. OBRA assessment

    I have a patient with an annual assessment due for today 3/14/18. However patient was discharged to the hospital on 3/10/18, and came back yesterday 3/13/18. I opened an annual assessment today ARD 3/14/18 but I'm confused regarding the looking back ...
  7. Missing OBRA

    On 2/5 /18 I found out that we missed a quarterly that should be opened on 2/1/18. This is the thing it was opened on 1/23/18 and struk out. So I missed the interview. I know I can opened it again and dash the interview, however I risk tag from stat...
  8. 2400C

    Thank you Talino
  9. 2400C

    I had a patient admitted on 1/10 /18who was transferred to hospital on 1/15/18. I opened 5day/DRA/PPS discharge. I coded 2400C as as 1/14/18, which is the LCD for part A. Our MDS leader is telling me 2400C should be the same as ARD. I am really conf...