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  1. Bloop41

    Should I resign, or wait it out?

    Agreed. You may even get some severance pay if you're fired vs resign. And you'll also have more of a case if you decide to escalate/sue for wrongful termination.
  2. Bloop41

    Bill Approved to Limit Treatment for Transgender Youth

    Fair point. However, as a member of the LGBTQ community, with many trans friends and someone who has worked with trans patients, I can tell you that many of these folks would find these terms offensive. Some may not care, true. But I'd rather do my utmost to use language that is inclusive, non-offensive, and person-centered, and to advocate that others in this field do the same. I want patients of all genders to feel safe and understood by their healthcare teams.
  3. Bloop41

    Bill Approved to Limit Treatment for Transgender Youth

    It's similar to saying "a black" vs "a black man" -- it's unnecessarily dehumanizing, and considered offensive by many who hold that identity. And since transgender is an adjective, it's also just plain bad grammar. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/transgender If anyone is interested, here is GLAAD's glossary of terms: https://www.glaad.org/reference/transgender
  4. Bloop41

    Bill Approved to Limit Treatment for Transgender Youth

    That's exactly my point-- If I had a child who was trans, I would be extremely cautious (if I didn't outright refuse) about allowing them to physically transition before they had reached adulthood. But the fact is, I don't have a trans child, and I can't in fact know what I would do in this scenario. I don't think the SD legislature necessarily has a ton of expertise on the care of pediatric trans patients. I don't think we should allow anyone but a child's guardian and their care team to make these decisions.
  5. Bloop41

    Bill Approved to Limit Treatment for Transgender Youth

    Personally, I think the government needs to butt out. These decisions should be left up to parents, providers (including psych/social work), and ultimately the patients themselves. As the article stated, these surgical procedures are so rarely done on young patients. Hormone regimens are reversible and could be an effective treatment for gender dysphoria, provided it's considered safe (psychologically and physiologically). Calling it child abuse is extreme, in my opinion: parents already consent to growth treatments, ADHD medications and other invasive therapies. Of course, teens shouldn't be allowed free reign for these issues, but they're not allowed that for really any medical decision. Even something as common as birth control requires counseling, education and a prescription from a provider. ** as a note: the proper terminology is "transgender person/people", NOT "Transgenders". It's a descriptor; not a noun.
  6. Bit of a niche question-- for those of you that work in a hospital environment, do you wear different shoes/clothes to commute? I'm a BSN student, starting my med-surg clinicals this week and am wondering if I should be changing to lower infection risk. I'm planning on walking to the hospital from my apartment (15 min) and barring bad weather, was planning on wearing the exact scrubs and black clogs required by our uniform. I also recently began a part time job at a Rehab/SNF: should I be wearing different shoes for clinical and work to avoid cross contamination? Or just wipe them down at the end of each shift? I fully recognize I could be overthinking this
  7. Bloop41

    Pre Nursing looking for ABSN program - low gpa

    I don't think you'll have any luck unless you repeat (and ace) A&P. Most people in admissions I spoke to said they look very specifically at that course because it often correlates with how well you do in Path, Pharm, Health Assessment, etc.
  8. Bloop41

    Bad idea to quit after 6m as a new grad for DNP school?

    So I'm a current BSN student, and while I'm unsure I'll want to get an NP degree (whether MSN or DNP), I'm curious to see what y'all would consider to be enough bedside experience. I 100% agree that 6 months seems like too little, but when does that change? 2 years? 5 years? Thanks
  9. Bloop41

    Student Not Eligible for NCLEX

    Yup, just about to say this. As a young 20-something, it's shocking to me how many people my age are still so dependent on their parents for basics (not just financial). I have parents call my clinic to make an appointment for their 25 yr old son or daughter. If your daughter is grown up enough to be a nurse and provide patient care, she's mature enough to deal with this issue on her own.
  10. Bloop41

    Discouraged New Grad

    I'm just about to start nursing school, so I can't really offer any job advice. However!! I would absolutely advocate for not talking to this jerk anymore. If you've graduated and don't need to see him for study group or whatever, delete his number/unfriend on Facebook, etc. He doesn't have any reason to be checking up on your grades or job prospects and his flaunting is not something you should be subjected to. Good luck and congrats on your graduation!
  11. Bloop41

    MCPHS Fall 2019 ABSN Program

    I believe there's one for the Boston cohort, but I haven't seen one for Worcester or Manchester yet
  12. Bloop41

    MCPHS Fall 2019 ABSN Program

    I'm doing my second semester of A&P and we have our first midterm next week! I feel your pain
  13. Bloop41

    Can I work during an ABSN program?

    Ugh, this is exactly my worry with the 12 mos program, even without working at all. I'm finding it difficult to figure out the cost difference between cost of living, time in the program, and ability to work.
  14. I'm deciding between two ABSN programs and I'm wondering if anyone here has completed such a program and done part time work while enrolled. Most of the admissions people were adamant that working was not advisable for these programs, but I wanted to hear from actual students/alums of these programs. One program is 12 mos in a relatively expensive city while the other is 15 mos in a much cheaper area. I'd plan to work for 15 hrs/week maximum, if I do decide to work. Any information y'all could give me is much appreciated
  15. Bloop41

    OHSU ABSN 2019-2020

    I bit the bullet and called OHSU admissions. For the Portland ABSN folks, they confirmed that if you have not received an interview invite, you have not been admitted to the program. Disappointing result for me, and annoying that they don't send you a concrete answer via email. But I've gotten into every other school i've applied to (thus far) and I knew OHSU would be a bit of a long shot. Good luck to all the interviewees!!
  16. Bloop41

    University of Miami-ABSN Summer 2019

    Hey all! I submitted my application on 1/27 after everything was verified. I'm still "incomplete" on CaneLink and i'm sooo anxious to know what my result will be! I had a 3.03 undergrad GPA but I've had a 4.0 in postbacc pre-reqs. I've been working as a CNA and MA for the past two years, so lots of great experience. Hoping to hear anyday!!

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