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  1. Bloop41

    MCPHS Fall 2019 ABSN Program

    I believe there's one for the Boston cohort, but I haven't seen one for Worcester or Manchester yet
  2. Bloop41

    Can I work during an ABSN program?

    Ugh, this is exactly my worry with the 12 mos program, even without working at all. I'm finding it difficult to figure out the cost difference between cost of living, time in the program, and ability to work.
  3. I'm deciding between two ABSN programs and I'm wondering if anyone here has completed such a program and done part time work while enrolled. Most of the admissions people were adamant that working was not advisable for these programs, but I wanted to hear from actual students/alums of these programs. One program is 12 mos in a relatively expensive city while the other is 15 mos in a much cheaper area. I'd plan to work for 15 hrs/week maximum, if I do decide to work. Any information y'all could give me is much appreciated
  4. Bloop41

    OHSU ABSN 2019-2020

    I bit the bullet and called OHSU admissions. For the Portland ABSN folks, they confirmed that if you have not received an interview invite, you have not been admitted to the program. Disappointing result for me, and annoying that they don't send you a concrete answer via email. But I've gotten into every other school i've applied to (thus far) and I knew OHSU would be a bit of a long shot. Good luck to all the interviewees!!
  5. Bloop41

    University of Miami-ABSN Summer 2019

    Hey all! I submitted my application on 1/27 after everything was verified. I'm still "incomplete" on CaneLink and i'm sooo anxious to know what my result will be! I had a 3.03 undergrad GPA but I've had a 4.0 in postbacc pre-reqs. I've been working as a CNA and MA for the past two years, so lots of great experience. Hoping to hear anyday!!
  6. Bloop41

    MGH ABSN Summer 2019

    I'm also waiting! Does anyone who's already been accepted know what the enrollment deposit is? I'm trying to do some financial planning for the month ahead.
  7. Bloop41

    OHSU ABSN 2019-2020

    I've also not received any interview info as of yet and am taking that as a bad sign. My undergrad GPA was also not especially competitive. That being said, I've already gotten into one school in New England, where I currently live, and am waiting to hear back from 3 others besides OHSU. Even if it's not at OHSU, I'm sure all of us will eventually find our way to a nursing education
  8. Bloop41

    Is this insubordination? How do I deal with this PSW?

    Thanks! I just got into my first school and I'm so excited!
  9. Bloop41

    Is this insubordination? How do I deal with this PSW?

    Agree with (nearly) everyone else. I'm a CNA and taking pre-reqs for nursing school. I've sometimes asked the RNs or NPs I've worked with about a procedure or decision. BUT I always come at it with the attitude of "I'm just interested to learn" and I have no intention of trying to practice nursing or pick apart a practitioner's decisions in my current role. You're not being egotistical; you are protecting your patients from an arrogant and uneducated non-nurse. To echo others, I would document *everything* and if HR/your director continue to be unresponsive, I'd ask for a sit-down meeting. In the meantime, put up a wall: tell her "it's not my job to explain that to you"/ "I need to deal with this other patient right now" / "you are not an RN so you cannot perform that task." Be a broken record. Good luck and I hope that management backs you up.
  10. Bloop41

    MCPHS Fall 2019 ABSN Program

    I was just accepted today! I haven't heard back from any other schools, so I'll bide my time until financial aid/admissions come back but I'm so excited to be on my way to nursing!
  11. Bloop41

    OHSU ABSN 2019-2020

    Hey all! I'm applying to the ABSN-only track in Portland, along w some other schools in Boston. I grew up in the area and am really hoping I'll get to return! I have a lot of really great experience and good pre-req grades, but not the greatest undergrad GPA, due to some health issues. Crossing my fingers about the interviews!
  12. Bloop41

    A&P grades for ABSN program?

    Hello all, I'm a pre-nursing student trying to apply for ABSN programs. I just finished up my first semester of A&P at night school and received a B-. I'm disappointed, since I worked very hard and thought I would receive at least a B+. I'm planning on busting my butt as hard as I can for the next semester but it's difficult, since I also have a full time job. Should I take the class over next fall, when I'm planning on applying to ABSN schools, or just leave it as is? Has anyone gotten a B- in A&P and gone on to get into an ABSN program? Thanks for your thoughts!