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Should I take an ACLS course as a last semester BSN student?

Should I take an ACLS course before my fourth and final semester of my ABSN program?

I'm especially interested in going into cardiac stepdown/telemetry floors after I graduate (maybe eventually CVICU or MICU?) and this seems to be a requirement on most floors. With the pandemic, all of our labs and clinicals got moved online. I'm worried about being perceived as a good "book-learner" without great skills, especially since I've barely had any supervised hands-on time. Would this give me an "edge"? 

I know I'd have to do a lot of self-study to understand EKG rhythms as a pre-requisite for the ACLS; this is not something my nursing school has done much of. I have a spot reserved in a course but I haven't yet enrolled by paying for it. Would greatly welcome any advice!!

I am wondering the same thing... How did it turn out for you? Was it a good idea as a last semester RN student?


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