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    looking to relocate

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct way to get my question out there, but I'm hoping for any and all tips and advice people may have. My question is multiple parts... I am considering moving somewhere new due to life circumstances, wanting a change, and living somewhere that is so saturated with nurses it's hard to find a job. I don't have any places really in mind..just wanting somewhere new and something different. My first question is- is it worth applying to jobs in different places before I actually move? will hospitals interview over the phone/computer, knowing someone has the intention to move? or is it better to move somewhere and then start looking for and applying to jobs? My second question is more specific to NICU. NICU is my dream and has been since I've known I wanted to be a nurse. I currently have a year + experience at a school with medically complex and fragile kids (feeding tubes, seizures, diabetes management etc..so not quite acute care, but not "school nursing" either). What are different paths to get into the NICU? I also have a few years of volunteer work on an infant/toddler surgical unit, and spent a few weeks in Africa while in nursing school working on the L&D and NICU. Where are places that may be hiring for NICU nurses/ special care nursery nurses? I'm willing to look and consider basically anywhere.