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  1. katebachenberg

    Seattle Nurse Residency Programs

    Hello, I am from the Seattle area but am in an ABSN program in Montana and will be graduating in August. I have applied to UW Medical Center's residency program and Harborview Residency Program. I am waiting to apply to Swedish's November residency program. Does anyone have any information on the hiring process at UW or Harborview? Any tips on getting jobs at these hospitals or how long you had to wait to get an interview? Thanks so much!
  2. katebachenberg

    Montana State University Accelerated BSN

    Hi Sam, I found a few weeks ago they had an opening at the Bozeman campus so I accepted it!
  3. katebachenberg

    Montana State University Accelerated BSN

    I was accepted to the 2018 ABSN at MSU but they placed me in Great Falls. I declined and asked to get put on the Bozeman waitlist. Has anyone else been accepted?

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