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  1. Concordia BSN Program?

    Hey there! I had actually decided on MSOE, but now I'm considering Concordia again because their cohort is actually a better fit for me than the one for MSOE. I just think it helps to have a good dynamic. I have heard good things about both MSOE a...
  2. Concordia BSN Program?

    Hello everyone - I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience or heard anything regarding Concordia Mequon's BSN program? I have been considering their Accelerated 2nd degree BSN program and applied last night. The accelerated 2nd degree program...
  3. UW-Milwaukee or MSOE?

    Spring 2018 I'm finishing up Micro, Biochem, and the CNA. MATC allowed me to petition with those in progress. Sounds like WCTC is different. I willl call them today just to double-check. Lotta work to do, as you well know! I will most certainly s...
  4. UW-Milwaukee or MSOE?

    I think that's what I noticed as well, on WI Healthcareers. That's exactly why I've been confused about it. I know someone who is going for her DNP at Marquette who told me that you can get a job as a NP with a Masters, but the DNP offers you more ...
  5. UW-Milwaukee or MSOE?

    Interesting. Where did you find this information regarding these dates, etc? Marquette is definitely an option for me in the future since they have the ADN to BSN and the BSN to DNP. Where are you going to school right now? Are you in the core n...
  6. UW-Milwaukee or MSOE?

    Hi Rinoir. Your comments have me thinking a bit now. Good stuff to consider! That's also awesome that you're 41 as well; good to know that I'm not alone at this stage of my career change. Are you also a male going into nursing, like myself? I, to...
  7. UW-Milwaukee or MSOE?

    Thanks for your comments, Rionoir. I have considered those same points myself, especially regarding taking on a huge student loan. I guess the reason that I have been considering MSOE is that I would be done sooner since it's an accelerated program...
  8. UW-Milwaukee or MSOE?

    Hi Everyone- I'm new to this forum. I'm a middle aged (41) career changer about to embark on the remaining two years necessary to complete a BSN in Nursing. I have a previous undergrad in a totally unrelated field. I'm just finishing up some pre-...