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  1. guidoth1

    Concordia BSN Program?

    Hey there! I had actually decided on MSOE, but now I'm considering Concordia again because their cohort is actually a better fit for me than the one for MSOE. I just think it helps to have a good dynamic. I have heard good things about both MSOE and Concordia, but moreso MSOE. Did you apply already?
  2. guidoth1

    UW-Milwaukee or MSOE?

    Hi Everyone- I'm new to this forum. I'm a middle aged (41) career changer about to embark on the remaining two years necessary to complete a BSN in Nursing. I have a previous undergrad in a totally unrelated field. I'm just finishing up some pre-reqs at MATC, and will take additional pre-reqs in Spring 2018, and aiming for a Fall 2018 start. Right now, I'm trying to decide between UW Milwaukee and MSOE for the BSN. I've tried to research both schools and have come across limited info. I would love your whatever input you may be able to provide with regards to pros and cons for either program. I have read that UW Milwaukee doesn't exactly prepare you for a hospital setting?? How can that be true? All I've read about MSOE is that it is very intense and expensive, but definitely worth the extra tuition cost. Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance for your input.

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