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Concordia BSN Program?

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Hello everyone -

I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience or heard anything regarding Concordia Mequon's BSN program? I have been considering their Accelerated 2nd degree BSN program and applied last night. The accelerated 2nd degree program is new to Mequon, and they just had their 1st cohort start in March 2018. The fact that it's a brand new program has me thinking twice already, but the program features some flexibility that's hard to not consider at this stage of my life. I'm 42 years old, married with two very small children (2 and 5). What's attractive about the program is that not only is it a 14 month program, but you take only ONE course at a time. Yes, the courses are crammed into 4 weeks, but I love the fact that it is one course at a time. Also, it's a blended program, so you do online work during the week and then are required to be available Friday, Saturday, Sunday and sometimes Monday for clinicals and lab/simulation.

All this being said, I can't find anything with regards to Concordia's reputation for their nursing program, either good or bad. Can anyone here speak to their reputation for their traditional BSN program? My assumption is that the ABSN program is too new for anyone to be able to speak to that, but if anyone has any info on the ABSN that would be very helpful as well!

I'd appreciate any info since I've been kinda tearing my hair out trying to decide between Concordia and MSOE for the accelerated 2nd degree route. And, yes, I've considered the MATC to BSN completion somewhere afterwards option. :) I got all the way to where I was accepted into MATC's ADN program, but just couldn't get over the fact that I would be putting in 2 years and still coming out with only an ADN and would have to go back to school AGAIN even though I already have a Bachelor's. Call me crazy for being willing to pay for a private school for a nursing degree, but I guess I'm trying to leverage my existing Bachelor's, and at 42 years of age, I'm feeling the time crunch as I eventually would like to go on for the DNP.

I've heard really good things about MSOE, by the way. I spoke with a nurse at Wirth Park in Brookfield that said they have excellent students, and I've read positive things on here about their program. The only thing is they have you juggling several courses at a time on an accelerated track, and their schedule is intense with not much wiggle room. My first impression is that MSOE might be more stressful than Concordia because of how the program is structured, but who knows?

Okay, I've talked long enough. :) I really hope someone here might have some input that might be able to sway in one direction or another between these two. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hi, did you end up entering the program? I'm considering it for Spring 2020 (just missed Spring '19). I am much in the same situation, 2 kids, them and me a bit older than yours/you.

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