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  1. Rizowe

    Shake it off

    First, let me say that I devote time and effort to each child that comes in my office. BUT, I will flat out tell the students, whom I see daily for random reasons, that they are coming to the clinic too often. I see numerous 4th and 5th graders for the most random stuff. "My arm hurts" (no known injury, no visible swelling, moves extremity well) "I bumped into the door and my shoulder hurts now" (no visible injury, moves extremity well) "I have a scab on my ear" "Can I have water?" (um, you passed two water fountains on the way to my office) "My ear feels cold" I just feel like children don't know the difference in "discomfort" and "pain". I often ask what would their mom do if they were at home and they look at me like I have two heads. I will continue to document every office visit, but I would love to know what to say to these 9-10 year old children who act like the world is ending 24/7.
  2. Rizowe


    What is your school's policy on students with "pink eye". I dread seeing kids with pink eyes because I hate making the decision to send them home. My school system is no help. Parents complain and teachers breathe down the back of my neck and say that their eye is pink and they don't want the whole class exposed (I totally understand). I got a note from a doctor's office today saying that "overreacting over a pink eye is not helpful". Basically saying I shouldn't have sent the kid to be checked out. His eye was red/pink, tearing, swollen, no crust along eyelid, and student reported pain and itching. What do you do?
  3. Rizowe

    "Guidelines" for Sending Students to Office

    I rolled my eyes when I read this because you're right and I know it! lol! I guess I just feel overwhelmed with the number of children coming to the office on a "daily basis". It's usually the same ones too. I do require a nurse pass unless it's an emergency or vomiting. I've also started saving the passes and am shocked by the number I get each day. I'll def take your advice. Thank you for taking the time to comment and help bring me back down to reality! This comment is for Old dude! I haven't figured out how to keep the original post with my comment.
  4. This is the email I'd like to send: Dear Faculty, Please think before sending me students for random or invisible illnesses. I could do so many more things for our school children if I weren't bogged down with little Billy's jaw pain or little Tommy's eyebrow pain. I can supply band aids for the classroom if needed. Paper cuts shouldn't require a trip to the office. These kids are missing valuable class time! Also, I'm not sending them home unless they are vomiting or have a fever. Stomach aches just before lunch are common. My stomach hurts too when I haven't eaten. Please refrain from sending me umpteen kids at one time also! :sarcastic::sarcastic::sarcastic::sarcastic::sarcastic: How should I re-word this so I don't lose my job? Do you have similar "guidelines" or "suggestions" for teachers on when to send kids to your office?
  5. Rizowe

    Good Kids

    I need this flip chart!!!!
  6. Rizowe

    Good Kids

    I need to know where you got this flip chart!
  7. Rizowe

    Help Me Decide

    I currently work for an elementary school. This is our last year in our current building. I have the option to either go to the new elementary school or the new middle school. The elem school would have around 300 of my current kids and 12-14 of our teachers. The new middle school is closer to my home & my child would go there in 2 years. I have never worked at a middle school. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my RN. She's fabulous! If I go to the new middle school, I wouldn't really know anyone or any of the kids. The RN wouldn't be the one I love so much. BUT, my child would be at my school in two years. My heart wants to be with my kids, but my head is telling me to go to the middle school to be closer to my child. Any thoughts?