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  1. Cdn "journalist" blames Nurses for covid spikes

    This person is obviously trying to stir the pot to get herself more publicity.... Best way to handle this is to let this person's story drop like a lead ballon. Her ignorance is just not worth my time!
  2. First year nurse. Thinking about leaving field altogether.

    Basically, what I heard was you should slow down and have a something that refocuses you because your anxiety is causing you to make mistakes. 00Try this... Breathe deeply while repeating after me, "The more anxious I feel, the more focused and clear...
  3. Scared.....No Nursing?

    Sounds like you need to find ask the individual providers what specific information they want when you calk them on labs. Or you can keep a running log of the info asked by provider when you called, and use it to help with future calls. PT/INR.. alwa...
  4. Scared.....No Nursing?

    You have been give some great feed back. =) Probably stings a bit to hear though, it would me if I heard that from my coworkers' about my work. However, best advise, Put your pride and hurt feelings aside-- LEARN from what you are being told by other...
  5. BYOB at work?

    You really should come down off your nursie nurse soap We nurses on this board know what is and isn't required of us ethically, morally and legally. 😉😉 Some of us even have YEARS of experience... lmao I do not know how far along in th...
  6. Verbal abuse ... what are my rights?

    Sounds like he is pissed at the world for his paralysis and taking it out on everyone. I feel rather sorry for the staff that has to care for this person. However, shouting racial slurs and cussing at staff is unaccecptable. Management needs find ano...
  7. Fired Due to Not Being Able to Get to Work

    In Florida, we expect our nurses to show up, even during hurricanes. No excuses.
  8. Mandated Nurse-Patient Ratios

    I disagree with you on this. LTC and sub acute nurse patient ratios need to be focused on now. Having up to 40 to 1 ratios in Florida is dangerous for the patients. Placing LTC as a lesser priority shows, at least to me, the mindset that our geriatri...
  9. SNF Patient demanding to leave

    If she has been declared competent to make her own decisions by her MD, then you are SOL. You do not have the power nor the authority to legally usurp her right for self determination. The only thing you could do is take to the court level and have h...
  10. Hate My Job - LTC

    Lack of the correct details can make any nurse manager's head spin... lol Use to drive me absolutely crazy chasing down details of an risk management event. However, the devil is in the details.
  11. LVAD Implantation

    LVADs are very interesting.
  12. I have worked for the past 6 years in skilled nursing. My advice is to go to CMS website and check the facility's star rating for "Quality Measures". The higher the stars, the better the nursing work environment from my observation. As far as your ...
  13. Mandated Nurse-Patient Ratios

    They would simply hire agency nurses and make nurse managers work the floor until more nurses were hired.
  14. Mandated Nurse-Patient Ratios

    The push to prevent "return to hospital" in the sub-acute/long term care setting is unbelievably dangerous. The nurse to patient ratios (for Florida) can be legally as high as 40:1. The acuity is basically the same as acute care on the units I have ...
  15. Crushing Oral Medications...New Regulation

    This is why I am getting out of sub-acute nursing. If the CMS wants to actually help residents... make a federal mandate on nurse to resident and CNA to resident ratios based on acuity NOT census!!!