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Hi,I am an FIU alumni,and I am beginning my accelerated BSN nursing program at FAU August 2019.Any advice or quesstions. Shoot me an

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  1. Cleveland Clinic RN New Graduate

    Hi, I ended up staying in Florida so I did not apply for the Ohio license and at that time I was interviewing in the middle of a pandemic so I was not allowed to tour the unit or do a physical test, and I didn’t need a license to start working e...
  2. Memorial Healthcare System Nurse Residency March 2021

    Do anyone know what the the night and weekend differentials are for memorial? New grad or not.
  3. Emory Nurse Residency Summer 2021

    hey did anyone get an offer yet or heard anything. It's been 3 weeks since my interview.
  4. Att for December graduates

    Update: I took my NCLEX 3/2, computer stopped at 75, and I am scheduled for orientation at my new cardiac ICU career ??‍⚕️
  5. Att for December graduates

    I paid for my Pearson account Jan 15 before my school told me we had to go to do the application, Jan 27th we received the go to do the application and pay the fee, it didn’t take me 4wks to get my att because I already paid for Pearson.Feb 4 I was c...
  6. Att for December graduates

    Graduated dec. 17, FL, not heard a thing yet
  7. Memorial Healthcare System Nurse Residency March 2021

    Yes I got accepted into the ICU cardiac?? I just received a phone call Today??
  8. Memorial Healthcare System Nurse Residency March 2021

    Application status doesn't dictate a lot since I have been applying and my application still says its under review.The managers don't have the time which is why I was contacted by recruiters or clinical specialist for interviews. It's a long waiting ...
  9. Memorial Healthcare System Nurse Residency March 2021

    Thankyou.We had the option to do clinicals there for a semester but after covid we couldn’t.I graduated Dec.17
  10. Memorial Healthcare System Nurse Residency March 2021

    hey I got a call on my graduation day for the Cardiac ICU.Its on January 7th, I may be in the first batch getting a interview since its so close to the new year.Wishing you the best of lucks!!Meanwhile I haven't heard of anything so we are pending re...
  11. I cant tell you how much I love this comment<3 Sincerely, a new grad. Thankyou for the uplifting words.
  12. Anyone disliked ICU?

    Hey was the one year on tele the time in residency or the year after residency? I am wondering if I can apply to an ICU after spending a year on a ICU stepdown?Most of the ICU residencies rejected me because I didn't do clinicals on that floor.
  13. Johns Hopkins CRNA 2021

  14. Cleveland Clinic Nurse Residency

    Could I switch to another state same unit within the CC? Or do I have to stay on the same unit that I started on?
  15. Emory Spring 2021 Nurse Residency Atlanta

    Emory University in Atlanta.They told me in November I will get a email with the official letter.
  16. Emory Spring 2021 Nurse Residency Atlanta

    OK so I got a verbal offer for vascular thoracic surgery ——start date March 22, I wish I had ICU but I’m awaiting other offers and interviews.??
  17. Emory Spring 2021 Nurse Residency Atlanta

    Hey congratulation,you must have applied early, I’m still hoping to get into ICU.But I got interviews for cardiac care unit and medsurg vascular/thoracic surgery ??‍♀️ Any advice ,send to my email
  18. Emory Spring 2021 Nurse Residency Atlanta

    How was the interview and what did they ask? they just called called today for an interview tomorrow
  19. Emory Spring 2021 Nurse Residency Atlanta

    Hi I applied as well, interview tomorrow! any updates?
  20. Cleveland Clinic Nurse Residency

    I am getting interviewed nov 18 2020 for the Spring 2021 residency ICU position. my email is please feel free to email me of any info you may have regards to the temporary ohio license and how you went about it because I am...
  21. Cleveland Clinic RN New Graduate

    How long did the temporary ohio license take to come? I am in florida and I am graduating december and will be interviewing for an ICU unit in November 18 2020. Never lived outside of florida and I am nervous. I do not even know if ohio is diverse an...
  22. Ati proctored fundamentals test

    What’s the name of this ati app?
  23. Ati proctored fundamentals test

    What’s the name of app? Just ATI?
  24. Hi guys,Im Des, I'm starting my accelerated nursing program in August, and I do not have a lot of debt.If anything I have 4,000 in CC and 5500 in student loans already.Which I am paying off.SuperSlowly. Like automatic payment work as a hom...
  25. FAU Accelerated BSN Fall 2019

    just place the order,its already set up for us.