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Hi,I am an FIU alumni,and I am beginning my accelerated BSN nursing program at FAU August 2019.Any advice or quesstions. Shoot me an email:dwhit060@fiu.edu

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I love 5ks and running in general.I believe in growth and mentoring the future generation which is why I have collaborated with the Mental Association of South Florida to encourage our youth in their hard times.I am in the progress of my RN,BSN, and in due time hope to become a CRNA and receive my doctorates.I love cooking,I love education,love outdoors, and meeting new people.I was born in Bahamas,raised in Jamaica,so I have a broad exposure to different cultures and love diversity.Any questions or inquiry,do not feel ashamed or intimidated. I am an open book.

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  1. Hi guys,Im Des, I'm starting my accelerated nursing program in August, and I do not have a lot of debt.If anything I have 4,000 in CC and 5500 in student loans already.Which I am paying off.SuperSlowly. Like automatic payment slow.lol.I work as a home health aide and jobs are rare and scarce as of now and I tried to make ends meet by doing live-ins but even that field is getting competitive and I live paycheck to paycheck.I live home with my mom and sister and her 3kids.My mom pays for my living expense and I just pay for my phone,car,gas,food, and anything else.When I start school,it will be fulltime and there wont be any room to work.The total cost of attendance for my AOBSN is 25,000,which is like 4k to 5k a for the four semesters.I've been told to live off loans and do what I have to do.Im not sure if I'll get the total amount to cover classes and books for the semester so I have applied to sallie mae but I heard the school can limit the amount they give me.I hope I'll receive enough loans for school and books,but I have no idea where the money is going to come from for gas,food,and other expenses like uniform,clinicals and other inclass expenses.Are their loans for personal expenses?
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    FAU Accelerated BSN Fall 2019

    just place the order,its already set up for us.
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    FAU Accelerated BSN Fall 2019

    what if we don't have a student id or fau email address to fill out castlebranch?
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    FAU Accelerated BSN Fall 2019

    I had a bachelors in health administration
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    FAU Accelerated BSN Fall 2019

    I received my interview april 17th at 11am! Im excited and nerve wrecked!Anyone else on that day?
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    FAU ABSN Interview Spring 2019

    I got my interview april 17th 11am ahh!!! wish you all lucks! who else have interviews that day ?