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  1. Washington licensure by endorsement times?

    About 30 days when I endorsed in 2015. It may be quicker now.
  2. Arizona ATT

    Currently in a similar situation. Graduated in Washington and wondering how long it will be for AZ to okay the ATT. My transcript went out yesterday and all other requirements have been cleared ??
  3. Banner New Grad Experience

    Hello and thank you! The best advice I received was to taylor your resume to the position you’re applying for. Review the job description/listing and extract key words that describe behavior or competency and include those in your resume and job summ...
  4. Banner New Grad Experience

    It was very comfortable. I interviewed with a recruiter - the same person who did my initial screening. It lasted about 30 minutes. She asked a series of questions that aligns with Banners mission. I was offered a position on the spot. The training i...
  5. Banner New Grad Experience

    I was hired for Banner Boswell! I applied on a Sunday, had a phone screening the following Thursday and a formal interview 2.5 weeks later when I was hired. Let me know if you have other questions!
  6. Banner New Grad Experience

    I am interviewing tomorrow, I had my phone screening a couple weeks ago. Any advice for the interview? I’m an out of state applicant and super nervous.
  7. NAU(RN-BSN) Personalized Learning

    Hey! I’ve recently applied to NAU for general admission and then the RN BSN program. Were you able to get any of these questions answered because I have the same ones! ?
  8. Banner Health New Grad RN Program

    Could you tell me more about your application and interview process ma’am out of state applicant? I am applying from Washington and my applications have been under review for almost one month ??
  9. Banner Preceptorship Program

    I would also love to know about the interview process! My applications are still under review.
  10. Banner Health New Grad RN Experience

    - Sorry if this is a duplicated topic. Hi there! Can anyone please tell me about the application and interview process for Banner? What does the phone interview and in-person interview consist of? Are you likely to get your first choice if offered a ...
  11. Hello all! I recently applied to WSU’s post-licensure BSN program. I’m hoping to hear from current students or recent graduates. Can you tell me about the application process? How long did it take you to receive an admissions decisions? What is the c...
  12. WSU BSN SPRING 2020

    Hey guys! Has anyone received a response yet? I applied for RN-BSN and I’m just wondering what the length of time is from application to decision?
  13. Transferring RN license

    I will also be applying for RN endorsement in Arizona from Washington. Are we able to submit fingerprints early to speed up the process? Or do they need to be submitted with the application?
  14. RN-BSN Arizona State University

    Are there specific admission requirements? Wondering if my Washington ADN will fulfill the criteria or will need extra classes.
  15. Endorsement: Illinois to Michigan

    I am also going to be endorsing from Washington. How did you submit fingerprints and transcripts to the board? I know there are multiple methods and wondering which is most effective. Thank you.