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  1. AmandaPanda101

    How To Critically Think

    Thank you both of you! You have really helped and eased my anxiety a little bit about nursing school!! :)
  2. AmandaPanda101

    Valencia Community College Pre Req Motivation!

    Thank you, AnnaRose! your words really made my day!
  3. AmandaPanda101

    Valencia College Nursing Traditional Track

    Hello, Jman88! I would be willing to help however you would have to tell me your GPA and your TEAS score! From my understanding if you meet the criteria you automatically get accepted! however, you WILL be wait listed! (As of right now you will be wait listed for two semesters!) Good luck!
  4. AmandaPanda101

    Valencia ASN Spring 2018

    I am currently still doing my pre req's at Valencia CC. However, I would LOVE to hear about your experience and ask questions if possible! feel free to contact me! :)
  5. AmandaPanda101

    Nursing Prerequisites.....How Hard?

    The pre req's are not that hard! it just takes a lot of time and dedication to study and stay organized! you've got this! don't give up! :)
  6. AmandaPanda101

    How To Critically Think

    Hello! so I am currently still completing my Pre Req's for nursing school! However I've been told that nursing school only deals with critical thinking based tests. Such as all of the answers are correct but you have to choose the most correct answer! This definitely makes sense since you are dealing with peoples lives! however how do i develop these skills? Are there anyways that I can learn this skill? maybe some books to teach me? (Please no snarky remarks about how this is a simple thing to grasp or one is born with this skill! Thank you)
  7. AmandaPanda101

    EMT school while doing nursing pre reqs?

    I appreciate everyone's feedback! You guys are very helpful and amazingly positive!
  8. AmandaPanda101

    EMT school while doing nursing pre reqs?

    Hello so I will be starting my next semester on January 8th! I also however wanted to take an EMT class so I could get as much as practice as possible before going into nursing school. Next semester I will be taking A&P 1 Intro to statistics Gen Psychology Medical Terminology (I then wanted to take an EMT class which would be 8 hours a day on Saturday only) I would also be working my job for 6 hours on friday. I was wondering if I someone could tell me if I should sign up for the EMT course or if i'm over doing it? I know A&P is SUPER important and I would like to get a B or above in that class. Any advice would be great! :)
  9. Hello! so I am currently doing my pre reqs for nursing at Valencia CC. I was wondering if any current students or graduates could tell me what the program was like? Maybe give out some tips or tricks? What are some of the hardest courses? What was the staff like? Anything you felt like you should have reviewed or really focused on before going into the program?
  10. Hello! So I am currently starting my pre reqs for valencia community college! I am currently taking BIO 1 and i'm pretty sure I am going to pass with a mid C. Next semester I am taking Psych and A&P1 with two other classes. I can honestly say that I have studied my butt off for biology! I think my main issue is learning how to critically think and developing better study habits that works for me. My main issue is that I feel like if I could only get a C in my biology class how will I be able to get better grades in the other higher level science classes? My School is not that competitive so if you meet all of the requirements then you are automatically in, you are probably just wait listed. (Sorry! I know this post isn't as organized! but any advice or tips?)