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End Of The Line?

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by AmandaPanda101 AmandaPanda101 (New) New

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Hello, Everyone! I'm hoping that someone can help me out with what to do next, I feel as if I've completely failed myself. I've finished all of my pre req's with a GPA of 3.0.

A&P1: B

A&P2: C (79.8 but my professor refused to round it.)

Micro: B

The rest of my pre req's like psych, dev psych, stats, I got A's and B's in.

I was going to apply to Valencia college here in FL but because I got that C they told me to look for another program. A lot of the other schools I've looked at usually take applicants with GPA's of 3.5+ and they also won't allow you to retake any pre req classes if you passed it.

I don't mind retaking one or two of the hard science classes if anyone knows of another community college that allows this and has a good nursing school.

I've been a CNA for a year if anyone also knows of community colleges that look for experience.

I've been completely stressed out because I've spent awhile on these pre reqs and now I feel like its just the end of the line and only because of that one class. I'm terrified of going to a private institution because of how much debt I would be in by the end of it. I feel so down and discouraged, I've watched my other nursing friends get accepted into the program and now I feel like I'm behind and stuck.

I guess my only option is to find a good school in orlando, FL where I am able to retake some of the pre reqs. I suppose I could also study REALLY hard for the entrance exam and hope that, that balances out my bad GPA.

Any advice or words of encouragement would be great at this point!

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You should look into WGU, they only look at your science GPA. They also look at the TEAS score first. So if your TEAS score GPA is great and your science GPA is decent, you have a good shot of getting in or at least being competitive. They also admit several times a year. They also give you credit for medical experience.

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