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  1. hundefeater

    Dance + Nursing

    I will be graduating in May 2021 with my BSN. I am super stoked and things are going swimmingly, aside from the whole pandemic thing (or “the old pandooskie” as I like to refer to it). I am very interested in L&D as well and have been lining myself up for an L&D career that could one day lead to a MSN or PhD midwife degree. The thing is, I have a passion for ballet, used to dance professionally, teach dance, and will NEVER NOT be in love with dance. I would have gone to PT school, but I wanted to learn about pathologies, how the life-sustaining functions of the body work, and how to save lives! I’m very passionate about nursing as well. It’s a bit of a stretch (no pun intended), but are there any other dancing nurses out there? Do you know of any ways I could combine nursing and dance to make a career? Perhaps a holistic care center? I thought about getting a dance therapy graduate degree, but that would cost quite a lot of money, and I don’t know if the degree would pay itself off. Perhaps I should work an OB job full time and start a dance business side hustle? My hometown dance studio owner would also like to leave her business to me in her will, so that’s another consideration! The thing is, I would love to combine dance and nursing because I think nursing experience provides a dimension of understanding of the body that is often lacking in the dance world (and other athletic activities). Physical therapists are so, so important and know so many things that nurses do not, but nurses also know important things that physical therapists do not. Any ideas? Thanks guys!
  2. hundefeater

    Nurse practitioner GPA requirements

    Can I just say how much I love how positive these comments are? I've seen some disparaging comments elsewhere on this sight before, and it just makes me roll my eyes. Anyways, I think you will be fine with your 3.4 unless you want to go somewhere quite competitive as mentioned above. Work your strengths! Do you have excellent communication skills? Are you incredible in hands-on situations? Emphasize those traits! Networking is also super helpful. Is there any particular field you would like to work in before becoming an NP? Work experience means just as much (and more to some programs), and it can make you feel so much more prepared when you get your advanced degree. I have a 3.45 GPA right now and have two semesters of my BSN to go. I would love to get into L&D and later become a midwife. I think I should try to get my GPA up more because everyone seems to think you should have a nursing PhD these days for advanced practice. I'm trying to get my GPA up, but my population/public health nursing course is killing me! I have zero interest in pop. health, and I have ADHD, so it's really hard for me to focus on something that's not really captivating. Anyways, that's my rant! There are so many programs and such a need for providers, if you persevere you'll make it into a program! You're by no means the "bottom of the barrel."
  3. hundefeater

    Lewis and Clark Community College-Acceptance letter Spring 2017

    Hi there! Congratulations on getting into the ADN program! I hear it's pretty competitive these days. I'm also very interested in both the BSN and ADN programs at LCSC, and I'm trying to figure out my chances of getting into LCSC are. Would you mind me asking what your prerequisite GPA was? I know its pretty personal, but I'm trying to figure out what my best-bet schools are for acceptance. I totally understand if you would rather not disclose that info though! I go to WSU, and should have a 3.88 pre-req GPA when I'm done later this year, but with a retake in one basic bio class (that one was really hurting my GPA before I retook it). I haven't taken any admissions exams yet, but generally test pretty well. Do you think I have a shot of getting into LCSC?