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    LIES About LPN's and LVN's

    no stress at all honestly I love what i do every single day.. I actually said what i said to say that pay ranges can vary. It was a response to the original poster and not to you.

    LIES About LPN's and LVN's

    My mother is an LPN who has been one for over 28 years. she makes $24 hr and she considers this top dollar. I am an RN and make $55 per hour.You will find pay ranges will differ depending on your position. I She also has an associate degree she obtained after lpn school. She has worked as an LPN mostly in nursing homes, home care . The canvas is changing as my sister is an LPN as well and works as a cord blood banker. She however took the position under the contractual obligation that she completes her RN in a certain period of time or be replaced. she makes $18 hr with 7 years experience. I would tell others that there is nothing wrong with LPN however your RN opens many other doors and the scope is still much larger. If you are just comparing pay ranges and meeting a LPN that was a supervisor and these are your goals then this is fine but you must understand home health can have a LPN supervisor if she is supervising HHA,CNA's and other LPNS. What she cannot do is manage the RN's. Good luck in your future endeavors. I hope that you attempt the RN again. I love all the different levels of nursing as i started as an CNA many moons ago.

    Cheap online MSN / FNP programs

    veterans as well

    Chiro want to become FNP

    I chose walden. So far it has been a great experience. I am planning to add primary care with insurance to my clinic that i already have open. I am excited about my journey

    Religion & ectopic abortion

    2001 Methotrexate saved my life. I had an ectopic pregnancy and I almost died. I was in extreme pain and was 8 weeks pregnant in my fallopian tube. If it went one more day i would have bled to death in my sleep.The embryo had no heart tones and instead of losing my tube this preserved my ability to carry children, I later had two more babies and i am very blessed. I am very christian but i have a more open thought process when it comes to abortion.

    I am new to nursing but I don't want to do this anymore

    Med Surg sucks!!! It is a specialty that i disliked about nursing the most. But you need just a few more months and you can find a speciality. Let me ask you this, when you started nursing school what did you envision your nursing career to be? I want you to do this everyday at work. Take care of your patients,do it and get it done ask for help if needed. Then Go home and think no more about it ,bathe,watch TV,hang out with friends and family. You may have developed some anxiety and going into another career option 6 mos in is not going to help that as you may carry that same anxiety into the next career as well.

    Co-worker Impersonating a Nurse - Am I obligated to report this to the BON?

    Most states it is illegal to say you are a nurse when you are not.
  8. So , I am currently enrolled in Walden AGPNC but i am considering taking some courses for transfer into the program. There are a lot of fluff classes which feel like repeat from my BSN program. I want to knock them out so I can complete the program in a timely fashion. I also want to take my pharmacology and pathophysiology somewhere else cheaper and with a more hands on approach. I found brick and mortar classes that are much more reasonably priced. I also looked at the catalog and it says you can transfer at least 50% of your coursework. Now, i did not post this for a bunch of negative and rude comments. I also don't care what your view of Walden University is either so don't post your opinion here. What i am asking is has anyone else done transferred credits into Walden? Was it difficult?

    Advanced Pharmacology online course

    Excelsior college has a graduate level pharmacology course as well.

    Is it worth going back to get my rn when I make 57,000 a year?

    I would if you want to make more money. I wouldn't if you don't. I make around 100K yearly i work contract work and work when i want and when i don't i don't. I also know that LPN's are licensed and you have to protect your license as well. All that requires is clinical accountablility for your actions which is the same for any licensed professional. Now, again i 57k is where you want to stay and you think your home clients will be alive in 2 years(Average ADN program length) then maybe you should keep doing what you do.

    'My Patient died' Facebook post

    no.but you should not post work related things about patients on social media. especially deaths.

    Coworker violated HIPPA

    you do know that you can report this violation anonymously. If you feel very bothered about this i would do what you think is best.

    So disappointed with on-line program

    Stick with your program. Finish and also get as much additional training post grad as well. Depending on where you live they have fellowship programs as well.

    So disappointed with on-line program

    I honestly think that they need to revamp the education. I feel many PA programs prepare the students better. Especially considering you truly do not have to have any true medical experience to get into PA school. Now As a professional nurse we have a lot of patient care experience and we should spend more time on advancing the clinical knowledge instead of writing a million papers and mastering APA style.
  15. lord. i put an IV in connected the bag and it was flowing. I forgot to pull out the damn needle. It did not infiltrate or injure the patient and all her fluid flowed. I did not notice until i dc'd the IV. Needless to say i never did this again..