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  1. My hospital made my floor along with 3 ICUs & 2 other med surg floors dedicated to COVID patients. I know that I'm a nurse & this is what I signed up for but in reality nurses do not go into this profession thinking they are going to be on the front lines of a global pandemic that is literally bringing life to a halt as we know it. It's frightening. My floor currently has 40 patients either COVID + or R/O COVID. As afraid as I am for these patients, I am afraid for myself as well. I feel like not only am I jeopardizing myself but my whole family. For PPE, I wear the gown, goggles, hair net, shoe nets, 2 pairs of gloves, N95 plus surgical mask. I wash my hands so much at work now my skin becomes irritated. When my shift ends, I take my scrubs off and put them in a bag and change into clean clothes. When I get to my car, I put gloves on and wipe my work shoes with bleach wipes place them in a bag then change into another pair of shoes before getting into my car. Then when I get into my car I use hand sanitizer. When I get home I wash my hands again. Then I shower very very very thoroughly & wipe all the door knobs with Lysol wipes then stay in my room, I even eat in my room now. Even with all these precautions that I am taking, I feel like I'm going to catch the virus sooner or later. I'm so afraid to infect my family members. I feel like I should quarantine myself. I've been having a lot of anxiety over this to the point where sometimes I can't eat.. I just need some honest advice please.
  2. Sherlsx3

    NCLEX Resource Review - Kaplan, Hurst, UWorld

    I'm currently studying for my NCLEX and I'm answering as many questions as possible. I fell upon a question on Uworld that stated a client was DROWSY & had obvious signs of hypoglycemia what do you do. I narrowed it down to 2 choices - give orange juice or IM glucagon. I chose the orange juice because I know that IM glucagon is only given when the patient is UNCONSCIOUS. My answer was incorrect ! The rationale claimed that due to client's decreased level of consciousness, you give IM glucagon. Uworld states to give glucagon IM ONLY when the patient is seizing, unconscious or somnolent - so i guess drowsy falls under somnolent. I was still conflicted with this answer choice , nonetheless, I accepted the rationale and moved on. Today, I took the Readiness exam on Kaplan. I had the same question worded differently! This client had type 2 diabetes, was pale, drowsy, cold and clammy. COLD & CLAMMY GIVE ME SOME CANDY ! Hypoglycemia. Answer choices once again - fruit juice or IM glucagon. The answer to this one was orange juice ! Rationale: Implementation: outcome desired; symptoms of moderate hypoglycemia; client can drink juice. I'm so confused ! I probably won't get a question like this on the NCLEX but God forbid I do .. I just want to be sure. Please let me know what you guys think.
  3. Try South Nassau Community Hospital . They have some for the ER , Telemetry, ICU & Operating Room! Here's the link :RN Residency Programs (New Grads)
  4. I'm a nursing student in NYC . I graduate in May 2018 . My spring semester of 2017 was so difficult for me . I struggled through it .. I was taking pharm , peds , maternity & psych all in one semester. With all the studying I had to do .. I couldn't manage to memorize all of the drugs ! It was impossible. My first 2 pharm tests , I did great on .. but the last 2 .. I got 70s .. resulting in my C+ . In all my other classes, I got As & Bs in .. but this C+ is killing me .. its my first & only C grade ever . I feel as if when I graduate .. I won't get into a residency program because of it .. I won't be able to do my masters .. I wont be able to get a job .. I'm just really discouraged & scared . Nowadays, it seems as if passing the NCLEX isnt enough anymore & here I am with an ugly C+ .. does anyone have some uplifting words ? Its not even 2018 yet & I'm already sad about being unfavorable even more because of my C+ on top of being a new grad with no experience that no one wants to hire .