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  1. Hello, I am just wondering if its possible to work while you are in nursing school. Specifically the ADN course. Thank you
  2. hey, its me again, we also got a book list but I dont think that the total cost for the books will be $900. Thats a lot. What books did you purchase? 

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    2. Jpee


      Happy New Year @NurseAFair! So far our total expense is the same as yours. Our dosage calculation is an optional book for us so we may/may not purchase. But still, even without it, it still gave me approx. $900 in total. 

       Also, pls find below  a disorganized chart for my expenses atm.

    3. NurseAFair


      @Jpee Happy new year! hope you are having a great one. we definitely have different list.

      Scrubs-$76.08 minus tax(we need two for classes at least and an extra for clinical, because our clinical scrub is a different color from class scrubs.

      Weber Health Assessment-$202.65

      Fundamentals of Nursing- $320.00

      Calculation 360 and clinical simulation- $201.47

      Custom Nurse Pack - $183.00

      EHRtutor- $86.65

      There is one more material but no prize yet. I already bought the health assessment and fundamentals of nursing book from amazon, will be purchasing the access codes from the publisher...As for the rest, who knows. 

      Yup,more than slightly different for sure.

    4. Jpee


      Hey! How was the 1st day of school? hope you had a great time.

  3. Jpee

    San Jacinto College Nursing at Central Campus

    @NurseAFair, hello i will be on the central campus. what about you?
  4. Jpee

    San Jacinto College Nursing at Central Campus

    UPDATE: I just got accepted to the San Jac ADN Program. I will be starting on january 13. Thank you all so much for the replies. It helped me build confidence. Happy Holidays to you all.
  5. Jpee

    San Jacinto College Nursing at Central Campus

    Thanks for reminding me that because I have a friend that she is suggesting that I don't apply for SJC Central because it is super hard. However, every major is challenging if I do not study.
  6. Hi, I am planning to apply for nursing at San Jacinto central Houston but I heard that on that campus it is really hard to get in, but if you do, it will be triple hard. I am wondering if it's really true.

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