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  1. Tholland17

    UC Davis Medical Center Nurse Residency Spring 2020

    This is great information to know thanks for sharing! Do you know roughly how many people they hire in a cohort? Any other pertinent information about the program or application process is greatly appreciated. I am really hoping to get into Davis! Sending good vibes to everyone applying
  2. Tholland17

    UCLA New Graduate Residency Winter 2019-2020

    My profile also updated with no rejection or interview invite. Seems like we should know something soon.
  3. Tholland17

    UCLA New Graduate Residency Winter 2019-2020

    Hello everyone, I applied yesterday for ICU/Medsurg at RR. I am so nervous. Good luck to everyone who applies.
  4. Tholland17

    APU 2+2 for 2018 Spring

    Hey ladies! I have also been accepted into the Spring 2018 term. I am so excited and nervous. Just found out I am in clinical group A í ½í¸³. Hope to see you all during orientationí ½í¸