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  1. No RN experience and pursuing a master's?

    That is true...but I am just hoping that by geting an MSN it would open more doors for me as I would be able to get a job in something like case management or admin jobs.
  2. No RN experience and pursuing a master's?

    I should mention I am generally a sensitive person. I grew to dislike bedside from the bad clinical experiences I had, including the ungrateful patients & families that you try to do everything for and yet its never enough, the toxic management t...
  3. No RN experience and pursuing a master's?

    I graduated in 2021 and the only RN experience I have was in a COVID testing center. I saw that the job market was not giving me many opportunities that I liked (specifically away from bedside) so I have been thinking of pursuing to get my master's d...
  4. don't like bedside nursing !

    I don't like bedside nursing, have 2-3 yrs experience in non-traditional healthcare settings (covid testing centres,…). Is it smart to get my master’s to get out of bedside? Will I find a job in those leadership roles afterward?
  5. don't like nursing, should I accept the job?

    Hi everyone, I would really appreciate your inputs. First of all, I am a recent graduate RN (was RPN for 1.5 years) and am currently helping with the covid pts. and providing swabbing services to them. I have recently been offered a job in OR a...
  6. How do you guys do it for so long?

    Yes I absolutely am the same way. First went to get my bachelors in science got me no and I didn't land a job. Then for the sake of safety that nursing provides in finding a job I went into nursing. Then I just found myself regretting the decision ev...
  7. Hate Nursing! :'(

    Hello all. I just have a question. I am an RPN started working in an acute care unit for 6 months now. I can say I hate nursing I mean the toxic co-workers and the high expectations of patients and families are killing me. I have tried to have a pos...