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  1. sis

    Drug seeking patients?

    I know that we all have heard the term "drug seeking patient". Until Nov. of last year, I had never had myself or family treated like a drug seeker. My sister age 36 had been fighting breast cancer for 4 years. I won't go into details. She was supposedly in remission when she started haveing sever headaches and vomiting. Was hospitalized for a week on morphin IV. All scans wee neg. Spinal fluid neg. except for very high pressure. Dc'd home. We made it for 4 days. Pain became worse. Went to ED at a regional size hospital. She had never ben through the ED befor. The nurses drug their feet. I could tell by their atitude what they were thinking. I had to stay on them to get her meds all the while my sis is crying and begging for a shot. Scans still neg. Admitted and put on morphin PCA pump.. The next night, while she was sleeping we went for dinner. When we returned, kThe neurologist had dc'd her pump because of change in level of consciouness. We could here her screaming when we got off the elevator. We found out that there were Ca cells in her spinal fluid. She was confused and disoriented. Pulling at everything. A "nurse" was telling her to quit pulling at things. We finally got morphine restarted several hours later. Do you have any idea how difficult is is to watch your sis screaming and crying in pain? Karla died 18 hours later. I have never been so disappointed and disgusted by some of my fellow nurses. I hope never to see that again. My point is to be very careful how you treat patients. One day you or someone you love may be in that situation. Tricia
  2. sis

    Tip on adjusting to nights

    Thaks to all of you for the tips. I really appreciate them. I'll let you know how it works out, Tricia
  3. sis

    Tip on adjusting to nights

    I'm starting a new job shortly and I'll be working 12 hr. shifts from 6:30 pm to 6"30am kReally need some tips on adjusting to this schedule. Never worked many nights. I'll be working 3 shifts per week. We do our own scheduling. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
  4. sis

    Does anybody remember when??............

    Hi everyone! After reading all of the nursing history on this board. I'm very grateful for all of you guys who were back then. I have been nursing for 12 years now. I've seen changes but nothing like what came before.
  5. I believe the FP should consider a new line of work. Maybe flipping burgers at McDonalds.
  6. sis

    nursing caps

    About 6 years ago,I worked in a small hospital. With change in administration,the DON and the powers that be decided that all nurses except the male nurses had to wear caps. 95% of the nurses did not want to wear them, a petition was signed in support of not wearing caps. The result, The DON "cried" and we had to wear them. I worked in L&D, wore scrubs, this was not pratical and looked ridiculous. When I quit, they were still wearing caps, I don't know what they do now.