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  1. CVICUnurse1

    New Grad Age 60 Can't Land a Job

    Dear Age 60, I don't have real advice for finding a job, but I am rooting for you and hope you land one soon. Keep striving. I'm sure you will be great wherever you end up. Good luck!
  2. CVICUnurse1

    Moving to Seattle/surrounding area

    I ended up getting a job in Tacoma, WA for a residency program, but I was offered a second job in a residency program for Swedish Medical center as well. It only took a couple months from applying to getting positions. Maybe 3 months total.
  3. I was waitlisted too. Opp, you think 5 people got waitlisted or 50ish? I wonder if they will tell us our spot on the waitlist eventually...
  4. I am sorry too Kish. The ratio of applicants to spots in the program was quite impressive. Hopefully the rest of us hear back soon.
  5. I interviewed in October and haven't heard back yet. Wonder why they have notified some people of their status, but not all? I'm sure they have a reason for doing so. I am waiting eagerly.