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Jenbelle's Latest Activity

  1. Jenbelle

    LBCC Nursing Program Spring 2021

    I am looking into applying at LBCC. What were your GPAs?
  2. Jenbelle

    Los Angeles Harbor College Spring 2021

    What were your GPA's? I am looking into applying for Fall 2021.
  3. Jenbelle

    Compton College Nursing program

    I am looking into Compton as well. Can you share what your GPA was?
  4. Hi there, I am looking into there ADN program too, and I am a little worried because my science GPA is a 3.5. What were the GPAs that got you in and TEAS scores if you don't mind sharing?
  5. Jenbelle

    Any advice on what classes are easier to take together

    When you take your science class only take those one at a time. I am taking Microbiology and anatomy right now and it's super intense. I'd take a math class and an English class together.
  6. Jenbelle

    Nursing School Calif

    I am an LVN, and I am looking to apply to nursing programs in Cali come the Spring. I will end up with a B in micro and have an A in anatomy. Does anyone if there are any nursing programs with waitlists? I am worried I won't be competitive to get in with a B.