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    Day Shift or Night shift?

    Hello. I just completed my CNA training program and am currently waiting to get a test date. I am studying/practicing the skills and hopefully I will be able to pass the test. While I wait, I’m trying to figure out what job openings are available in my area and I have a few questions. Firstly, what shift do you think is best for a new CNA? I plan to work in a hospital (I paid for a CNA + PCT course) and many hospitals in my area are looking for PCTs. Most of the jobs listed are night shifts. I want to be able to gain lots of experience and really get my “foot in the door” since I do want to complete a BSN and become an RN. Would the day shift be “too hectic” for a new CNA/PCT? Is the night shift too slow? I would *love* a 3-11 shift but from what i’ve seen they’re kind of rare. Is it okay to start out in night shift for a few months and then switch? Also, if you have any tips for me in regards to the State Test or as a future new CNA I would appreciate them!