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  1. Which college?

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      Universidad de Puerto Rico
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      Universidad del Este

Hi. I'm a high school student and I'll be graduating soon. I live in Puerto Rico, and got accepted to the University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez campus and Universidad del Este. I'm unsure on which school I should go to. UPR Mayaguez is considered one of the best schools in Puerto Rico which means the name carries prestige. From what I've heard and according to their student outcomes, (97% pass rate) they have a good nursing program. Universidad del Este is less popular since its private (more expensive) but what interested me the most about it is their curriculum (they also offer a concentration in ER and ICU nursing which no other school here does.)

For me the PROS of the UPR Mayaguez Campus are:

  • Good school/Good reputation
  • More affordable
  • 2 years of prerequisites could allow me to have a smoother transition into college life
  • The professors are very good. Most have PhDs.
  • Would allow me to participate more in college activities (clubs,organizations,etc.) and travel abroad in exchange programs.


  • No minor
  • 2yrs of prerequisites instead of hands on practice
  • The UPR students tend to protest and shut down the schools which in turn holds back students for up to a semester or more
  • Further away from home = expenses for dorms and transportation

Universidad del Este PROS:

  • It has less credits overall (132) but 95 of those are nursing based courses
  • Nursing clinicals begin in second semester
  • Less prerequisites
  • Smaller classes (only 25 students)
  • Offers a minor


  • Expensive credits
  • Recently accredited (In 2017)
  • All of their courses are specifically offered during that semester only. Which means I can get held back a semester if I don't pass or can't take a class
  • May be too fast-paced

I really need some advice from nurses and nursing students alike. To clarify, I mention the college experience because I would love to relax a bit after this senio high school year since after Hurricane Maria the school year it has been chaotic. However, I wouldn't give up a better education for a little bit of 'relaxing'. That said, is it better to attend a prestigious school with 2yrs of prerequisites that may allow me a better college experience or a less known nursing program that offers more nursing courses and hands on practice?

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