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  1. SammieRN940

    Specific Questions

    Bump, this girl needs some questions answered.
  2. SammieRN940

    Specific Questions

    I would love to see everyone's nursing brain sheets and what they love about their set ups. Tips to feel less overwhelmed managing patients with lots continuous IV meds running, maintenance fluids, piggyback abx, PCA, PCO2, epidural, etc? Who carries a clip board? Is there a good compatibility cheat sheet? Is there a good "what to dilute" cheat sheet? We use a lot of maintenance fluids, morphine, dilaudid, toradol, rocephin, zosyn, amp, etc... Are there any common interactions between any 2+ of those meds? Or between any of those meds and common maintenance fluids? How do you know what IV push meds to dilute? Is there a way to look at the med in the pyxis for dilution/administration instructions? Sorry for the barrage of questions. I am trying to figure all of this out since I am already on week 4 of orientation and I have my own low acuity patients so I don't get to follow my preceptor and learn all of this.
  3. I have been an RN for 6 years. But I just started in to my first hospital job. I am 4 weeks in to my 6 week orientation at my new job. It is technically med-surg but they refer to it as a surgical floor since 90% of the patients are surgical patients. I see there are a lot of "new grad" and "new to med surg" posts so before your eyes glaze over, please hang with me. How do I NOT freak out when I walk in to my patient's room and see a WHOLE bunch of stuff on their IV pole. I see a primary with a piggy back abx, PCA, epidural, PCO2, etc. I am a little frustrated because I only get 6 weeks of orientation. I really wanted to follow my preceptor around to watch her time management of 6 patients and how she managed those higher acuity patients with crazy lines. But then 4 hours in to our shift we had a patient become combative and all heck broke loose and she basically sent me off to answer call lights and do damage control. I didn't feel like I got anything that night other than scared! The next night she gave me 1 low acuity patient to take care of myself. It was super easy so that did help me get an idea for time management, charting, pain meds, assessments, etc. SO that was good. Now she has me up to 3 of my own patients that are lower acuity. But I kind of feel like I am so nervous because I know I won't get these easier patients once I am on my own. I really want a few shifts where we both tackle 6 patients and I follow her and watch her but she lets me do any of the skill based items, especially anything to do with those more complicated line set ups and higher acuity. Last week I was caught up with my 3 patients and asked her if I could follow her around for a while with the hopes I could pick up more information and learn from her 30 years of experience. But she would brush it off and say things like, "Oh I am just giving a pain med." ARGH! To me, a newbie, there is no such thing as, "I am just doing ....." I need help with EVERYTHING. I mean, I have given plenty of pain meds, IV push, spiked new IV bags, etc. But I still want to watch it to confirm I am still doing things right and to help boost my confidence. IDK why, but anything more than a maintenance fluids just freak me out. HELP!
  4. SammieRN940

    IV meds and dilution

    I too want to know rationale!
  5. SammieRN940

    The most comfortable Nursing Shoes

    I love hearing about short, plump feet since that is me! I could weigh 20lbs and my feet would be 18 of those 20 lbs! Thanks!
  6. SammieRN940

    Comfy shoes for wide feet???

    I am looking for the best shoes for wide, flat feet. I have tried Danskos and I don't love them. I need something more cushioned than that. Any recommendations?
  7. I have my RN. Now I need suggestions for a great online RN to BSN program so I can get into an FNP program. It would be nice if the school offered some form of military discount. Thanks!
  8. SammieRN940

    Good NP schools

    I have my ADN and I am very close to a BSN. But I need to know the best online BSN school to graduate from so I can get a spot in a good FNP program. Any suggestions on good BSN programs and good FNP programs?
  9. SammieRN940

    BSN to FNP Education Questions

    I have been struggling for quite a while now trying to figure out where I want to go with my education. Our lives have revolved around my husband's career in the military. He has been in for 19 years. Now he is about to retire when he hits 20 years and settle in to a career where we don't have to move all around anymore. I am 31 years old. I have always wanted to be a doctor. I was wanting to pursue either OB/GYN or surgery for a long time. But then I met my husband and followed him around the country so medical school while moving every few years was not an option. I went to nursing school so I could at least get some sort of medically related experience. I graduated in 2012. I recently had to quit my nursing job since we had to move again. Now we are here long term. I finally have the chance to finish my education and settle in to a career. However, we now have THREE children. Ages 9, 4, and 7 weeks (yes, we just started over!). Since I was so pregnant when we got here I didn't look for a job and we agreed I would stay home with baby for a year. BUT MY BRAIN HURTS! It needs to think! I love staying home with my kids but I seriously miss working and using my brain too. So I figure this is a good time to work on furthering my education. This is where my questions all hit and I become overwhelmed with the decision making that goes in to this... Any thoughts, stories, personal experiences, and opinions are welcome and appreciated! Here are my questions: 1. I always wanted to be an OB/GYN or in a surgical specialty. But now that I am 31, I realize it would take so long for me to get accepted to medical school, finish school, residency, and finally find my place. Would it be crazy at this point to jump right in? If I did, would I ever see my husband and children? 2. I have also considered becoming an FNP and working in an OB/GYN office. Here are my questions regarding this option... What type of duties and responsibilities go along with an NP in this position? Do physicians generally work well with NPs or do they treat them badly? I have seen it both ways but I would love to hear from more people what their experiences have been. What are some reputable online schools where I could finish my BSN that an FNP program would look at favorably? 3. If there is anyone else in this group who has been in a similar situation of wanting medical school for yourself but wondering if it is too much for your family, what did you decide and were you happy with your decision?