Comfy shoes for wide feet???


I am looking for the best shoes for wide, flat feet. I have tried Danskos and I don't love them. I need something more cushioned than that. Any recommendations?

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Can you wear tennis shoes?

In my experience, New Balance sneakers are good for wide feet; avoid Nike at all costs, they tend to run very narrow.

No matter what tennis shoe I get, I always put in my own insert. When you pull the existing inserts out of any shoe, they're almost always super flimsy and as thin as a dime. Actual insoles give you more cushion and support regardless of the shoe brand.

I use the Superfeet Blueberry Women's from Amazon (love them!) which are recommended by WireCutter/Sweethome (a fabulous site that makes evidence-based product recommendations). Superfeet Women's Blueberry Comfort Insole Shoe Insoles: Shoes

The Best Insoles for Running and Walking: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company


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I like Alegria shoes. Most narrow foot ppl have a problem wearing those. They may help and they last forever.