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  1. Hi all! I'm currently in an RN-BSN program and I'll be finishing up this summer. Currently, I'm not working however, I am on the job hunt since my program is 100% online. Most of the hospital's new grad programs require letter of recommendations and I was wondering if it's possible to get an online professor to write one for you if requested? Has anyone tried doing so? Would love to know your thoughts and insights! Thank you
  2. beathalia

    Kaiser LAMC/Sunset New Grad RN program Feb 2020

    I asked Gayane what phone number should we expect to see for those who got in - no reply as well. I messaged people from their previous cohorts yesterday; one heard their call offer within 5 days, the other one said they waited 2 weeks for it. Hopefully we can hear back from them soon!
  3. Hi all! For those of you who interviewed at Kaiser LAMC/Sunset for their New Grad RN program starting this February, has anyone received a call or email from them? The interviews were held last week so I was wondering if there have been any updates recently. Please feel free to comment and share! Thank you so much!
  4. beathalia

    Kaiser LAMC New Grad Feb 2020

    Hi! Just wanted to start a thread for those who applied to Kaiser LAMC's New Grad program that will start on February 2020.
  5. Hello! I applied on the LA County website for RN 1 position on November 1st. I just checked back on my status and it said Application Processed on December 7th. I was wondering if this means that I'll be expecting a letter or email from them saying that I can take the written exam? I know it takes a while but I was just curious about that portion. Any information helps! Thanks in advance
  6. beathalia


    Hey there! I was in the same situation as yours where I got caught off guard with how the way NCLEX's questions were like 'cause I got so used to answering questions from UWORLD. I used NCSBN for my third try and finally passed! My take on it is that personally, I liked UWORLD for content, their Select All that Apply (SATA) q's, and their similar visuals of the NCLEX. BUT I definitely like NCSBN for their questions; they were more like the questions I stumbled upon in NCLEX - short and sweet ( haha). l also used LaCharity's Prioritization pdf book I found online (link below) to help me with more prioritization questions. Don't give up! You've worked hard to get through nursing school - this is just the last hurdle! Hope this helps! Good luck! LaCharity: http://www.onestopnursing.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Prioritization-Delegation-Management-of-Care-for-the-NCLEX-RN-Exam.pdf
  7. beathalia

    BRN CA Skipped my NCLEX Application?

    I got my ATT already! Turns out there was a glitch on the website and they were actually processing the applications from Dec 15-30 at that time.
  8. beathalia

    BRN CA Skipped my NCLEX Application?

    Hello all! So I submitted my repeat/reexam application on December 29th, 2018. Ive been checking the BRN processing times and last week, they were processing applications submitted from Dec 1-15, 2018. When I checked this week, it suddenly jumped to January 1-15, 2019. Did they skip the last section of December applications? I have not received my ATT and my application status still says it is pending. Has anyone had this problem? Or have any idea what this means? I've emailed them and I'm planning to call them tomorrow (hopefully I can reach through!) I just want to set a test date already asap before it gets filled!
  9. beathalia

    Passed NCLEX-RN on my second attempt

    Thank you so much for this post! Currently waiting for my ATT to retake the exam. I really like how you mentioned about the quality over quantity because I feel like that is what got to me. I would try to do 150 questions a day which is what my program or course review class told me but I wouldn't fully understand. Now I do between 50-75 qs a day but I take my time to understand the rationales. Hopefully I pass the second time. Thank you for sharing and congrats on passing!

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