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  1. I am currently a RN in Texas and working for a physician in pain management who feels I would be a great CNS in pain management. Does anyone have any advise how I go about obtaining this degree in Texas. I currently hold an associates degree and wil...
  2. UWorld- when to start it?

    I purchased U World about 1 week after graduation. I took a small mental break then started up. It just depends on how many hours you want to study and what you can afford at the time. My school had ATI so that consumed most of my time during school ...
  3. Non Compete Clause??? Is this legal?

    Thank you all for your advice.
  4. Non Compete Clause??? Is this legal?

    Hello everyone, I currently work for a ASC in Pain Management as the Lead RN. I specialize in pre-op/pacu and circulating OR. Today I received a non compete clause contract which included a paragraph about once I am no longer an employee with them ...