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I am currently a RN in Texas and working for a physician in pain management who feels I would be a great CNS in pain management. Does anyone have any advise how I go about obtaining this degree in Texas. I currently hold an associates degree and will work towards my masters. If anyone can help me with information on how this program works and options on schools. And how certification works once I complete the masters program. Thanks for any help and advice.

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I'm a CNS. I would look into various MSN programs before committing. What is it you want out of it? Being able to have your own pt load? Why are you choosing CNS over NP? Before you commit I would truly do more research into your end-goals

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Get your NP if you want to be in this field as a provider, RN to MSN-FNP. The way the field is going you will need to be able to prescribe, perform procedures, and pre-qualify patients for advanced procedures. The field is predominantly NP or PA's. He may just be confused on the titles.

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Would you explain a little about the difference between NP and CNS?

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Depends entirely on the state. For instance I live in IL. My scope of practice is the same as an NP. The big plus in my area is that as a CNS my clinicals were composed of both inpatient and outpt experiences so I can easily be credentialed at all hospitals. FNPs in my area are no longer able to be credentialed at the hospitals.

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