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  1. NYnurse17

    Should nurses be able to listen to music at work?

    I agree that soft, ambient music can be okay, sometimes even beneficial. Anything else seems odd inside the patient room without their request.
  2. NYnurse17

    Help, failed first exam in Med-Surg

    You can definitely recover! Don't waste your time looking for roundabouts like test banks. Although practice questions will help you! You might try putting together a study group and go over what you are learning in class, what you are reading, try making connections with the material together.
  3. NYnurse17

    Studying- You may be doing it wrong

    Paying attention during class instead of frantically writing notes was always helpful. This was usually better achieved when professors provided slides with the base of the information, you can really absorb it that way and ask questions in the moment you are learning. I always hated when they wouldn't do that because they wanted you to "work for it"
  4. NYnurse17

    Paleo/Primal Diet?

    I agree that I would not feel comfortable recommending this to patients. If this is for yourself I would look at the other side of things via plant-based diet. Lots of research.
  5. NYnurse17

    Influenza vaccine

    I've heard it touted as the biggest joke in medicine and I tend to agree, but not for the misconceived reasons here. Unfortunately working in a hospital we are mostly forced to get one. Otherwise there's no way I would get one.
  6. NYnurse17

    NYP Hiring Process

    Great! I was able to see my status right away. They also told me that they would contact my recruiter and have her reach out to me but that never happened. It's certainly hard to hold out hope for this position. I'm going to have to reach out to things far less desirable soon.
  7. NYnurse17

    NYP Hiring Process

    To get access to my old account - I called the main HR number. Its on Elyse's (lower manhattan talent acquisition person, I'm assuming this is who you interviewed with) answering machine, I haven't ever had her answer the phone.
  8. NYnurse17

    NYP Hiring Process

    I still can't reply on PM but Wow! Thank you for replying. That makes me feel a lot better. I guess I was just so concerned because the floor manager told me to expect something the week after my interview. Now I feel bad for badgering them a little (I sent them each an email and called twice, about a week apart). I hope that doesn't change anything. I wonder how much longer it will be.
  9. NYnurse17

    NYP Hiring Process

    I basically had the same thing happen. An interview (both HR and hiring manager in same day) at the end of January, It seemed that it went extremely well. I was told to expect something the next week and nothing. I've followed up via email once and called a few times with messages in the last couple of weeks with no response. Since their careers page changed I also couldn't see my application status online. I figured that they moved on but wanted to at least get a denial confirmation. I ended up calling the main HR office and spoke with someone there who connected me with my old account info, my status for that position still says "assessment/reference" so maybe there is a little hope? I just don't understand why its been so long with no response. Have you heard anything since you posted this?
  10. NYnurse17

    NYU hiring process

    I can't reply on PM yet, but thank you very much!
  11. NYnurse17

    NYU hiring process

    Can anybody recommend recruiters who would be good to reach out to via linked in or anything? I applied quite a while ago and feel like I'm never going to get more than the thanks for applying email...
  12. NYnurse17

    NYU hiring process

    Thank you for the encouragement. I still haven't heard anything, but I was doing some more research today and realized they have two pages that describe the new grad residency. One (Nursing Jobs | NYU Langone Health) calls for GPA over 3.5, and transcripts. And the other (Nurse Residency Program for New Graduates | Hospital for Joint Diseases) also calls for two letters of recommendation. I trusted the first one because it seemed more current and updated with the website and wasn't affiliated with HSS. Maybe this was wrong, do I need to get recommendation letters to be considered?
  13. NYnurse17

    NYU hiring process

    A few questions; Have most of you applied to new grad specific job openings or unit specific? I applied to the 2017 fall new grad positing a month ago. Some of the postings say they want experience but then experience isn't listed in the bottom list of requirements. How are you contacting recruiters? Can this only happen after they've contacted you about moving to next step? I've been doing some flu-shot clinics in the last couple weeks, would it help to update my resume for the positions I've already applied to? Reading some of your posts that you were contacted the day after applying has me completely losing hope. I feel like I'm missing something.
  14. NYnurse17

    NYC New grad advice on job offer

    Thank you for your responses and confirming my concerns. I have declined the offer.
  15. NYnurse17

    NYC New grad advice on job offer

    I am a New grad who recently moved to NYC and have been applying to hospitals for a little more than a month. I decided to apply to a stand alone urgent care facility and I received an offer there but they want me to sign a 1 year contract at $15/hr. I know the NYC job market is tough, especially for new grads but this is about 2.5 times less than I would make in a hospital here. I could go jobless for 6 months and still make the same by this time next year. But would I be stupid to pass this up? Is it sketchy? How much would this help me get a job in the future? I have also been doing some part time work doing on-site flu clinics through another company.