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    Certification Exam Materials, I PASSED!

    I took the test in March 2019. I missed it by a few points as well. I scored 347. The minimum score to pass is 350. I took the CE Series Review Course, ANCC review questions about 200, and the NI Scope/Standards text to review. I've worked in Nursing Informatics for 1.5 year. Honestly, I didn't study as rigorously as I should have. I also remember seeing questions with content that I hadn't come across in the review course at all. The primary sections of the test are Foundations of Practice, SDLC, and Data Management/Healthcare Technology. I scored the lowest in SDLC. Planning to retest in December 2019. I am taking the ANA/ANCC Interactive online web based review course, reviewing the ANCC review questions, and I've also purchased 2 textbooks listed on the ANCC test reference list: Schwalbe K. Information Technology Project Management. 8th ed. Boston, MA: Course Technology, Cengage Learning; 2016. Kendall KE, Kendall JE. Systems Analysis and Design. 9th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education; 2014. I purchased these 2 textbooks since I scored lowest in SDLC. I also remember quite a few questions related to project management. I've been reading and reviewing material/questions daily for an hour or two. Hoping to get it right the next go round. Best of luck to everyone!
  2. In my opinion the more experience the nurse has the better, working in informatics... Dependent on the organization of the informatics department, you may be a liaison for an area that you have zero experience with. The more widespread your knowledge base the better. I work in a department that has Informaticists for multiple specialties in acute care and ambulatory care. However, during projects/implementations we often work together collectively to support users. Hope this helps.