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Alphia has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Hello, I have a questions for anybody who are nurse manager. What is your communication issues that you have to deal with in your position? with your patients? your nurse? and other administrators/ managers?. I am about to apply for this position but so worried about it, since I am very new to this position. Thank you
  2. Alphia

    Fall 2016 Century College Applicants

    I will retake the TEAS on December and hoping my TEAS score was around 81-85 ( focus on Reading and Scientific reasoning). I hate the feeling of anxiety. Thanks Hodoab and 8130 :)
  3. Hi, I am about apply for Fall 2018. My 1st accumulate score is 11.87 which makes me very nervous to apply. Do your guys know the range for acceptance in Century and Metro State?
  4. Alphia

    Fall 2016 Century College Applicants

    Hi I am about apply for Fall 2018. My TEAS for 1st is 78.7%, GPA 4.0 which made my total score 11.87. I wonder if I have chance for Metro state or Century? ( coz Fall is more competitive) Do you think I need to redo the TEAS. I haven't finished my A&P classes yet ( that make my Science score 65% ( ).

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