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  1. Hello, I just got accepted to AGACNP- Houston Fall 2022. I tried to locate the program curriculum but had no luck. I tried to email the coordinator but she hasn't replied me back. I need the curriculum or at least some hints to register for cou...
  2. Need help form a public health nurse

    Thank you so much. Everything is confidential. Please check your message.
  3. I am currently enrolled in my RN-BSN program, which offered PHN certifications. I am in the last course to graduate. One of the assignment is to interview a public health nurses/ school nurses about her routine/ daily activities. However, it is diffi...
  4. What is your minimum base pay on Covid-19 unit???

    I am a new nurse in MN ( 5 months) in TCU, I got paid $30/h when I work am shift +$3 covid pay. If I work pm or noc, I will have $1+$1.5 shift differential. My friends got hired at the hospital and they pay $34 without covid pay. I think it depends w...
  5. My 2nd partime job is always shorted staff. Sometimes, I come to work and they floated me as an aid. I am totally fine with that as long as they pay me as nurse salary. Folding laundry, 1 time is OK, but consitstently, a big NO. ?
  6. MN license post NCLEX

    For me , within 48 hours. I test on 2/12. Got result at 6am 2/13
  7. Hello, I have a questions for anybody who are nurse manager. What is your communication issues that you have to deal with in your position? with your patients? your nurse? and other administrators/ managers?. I am about to apply for this position but...
  8. MANE program Fall 2018 Nursing Applicants

    I've checked NHCC. It seems they close evening classes. Nursing course are mainly held from 8am-4:20pm
  9. What to do if you failed your cna exam a third time?

    I live in MN and had a free CNA training course at International Institute of Minnesota. The instructor was very good. We had skills asessment 2 days before the state test. What I remembered until know was the pre-step ( check my assigment sheet, was...
  10. MANE program Fall 2018 Nursing Applicants

    I was waiting list at Metro at 11.87. However, I gave up my spot there and go to Century. You are moving up. Don't give up. Just a little wait
  11. Century College Fall 2018

    It won't last too long. I have 2 friends refuse their slots at Century. Deadline to response is on April 1st, I think you will receive a letter 2-3 weeks later.
  12. MANE program Fall 2018 Nursing Applicants

    Century' orientation is on July 24th. I'll meet you there :)
  13. Century College Fall 2018

    I have 11.87. Don't worry. You are in. See you on July 24th :)
  14. Century College Fall 2018

    Updated, I got accepted from IHCC, Century, and NHCC. Will choose Century, so anybody who applied for IHCC and NHCC will have a chance. See you guys on July 24th.
  15. MANE program Fall 2018 Nursing Applicants

    Congrats. Where do you live? Still waiting mine.