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    Glendale community College spring 202

    I’m graduating this December! Unfortunately the schedules are subject to change every semester- but historically 3rd semester is Monday and Tuesday in the early morning-mid afternoon for the didactic portion. Because you are an LVN I don’t believe you need to take maternity, so you will only be taking the Medsurg III class on Tuesdays (and not coming for Maternity on Monday). On top of that you’ll be completing clincial hours as well! Your clincial hours vary based on which location you are placed in. Unfortunately we don’t get to choose where we go- it’s all preselected for us! You’ll probably be grouped with the other LVNs for your clincial site. It’s always a little strange for the LVNs because you will be joining a cohort that has already been taking classes together for a year, but you’ll also have about 9 other LVNs joining with you so you’re not alone!
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    Glendale community College spring 202

    Congrats to those of you who got in! For those that were rejected I HIGHLY recommend emailing Frezoli back, and ask her to please keep you in mind if any seats do become available. Of course it’s not a guarantee, but she will keep those emails on standby. I know of people who were initially rejected but were offered alternate positions later on. For those who got in and would like information about the program/first semester, again feel free to message me!
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    Glendale community College spring 202

    Hi all! I am currently a 4th semester student at GCC (graduating this December). If anyone needs advice or information from me please feel free to ask or send me a message!
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    Glendale Nursing program Fall 2018

    Hello everyone, I am currently a first semester student at GCC in their nursing program. I just wanted to say that in my cohort I know at least half of the students who are in our program were initially denied a placement or selected as an alternate- but were accpeted into the program when seats began opening up. Some of the students that were offered a placement WILL deny their seats, so make sure you email the department back and ask them to keep your application for any openings!
  5. Creating a Facebook page is such a great idea! Thank you for all your support, makes things a little less scary!
  6. @Koop101 and @sambelike I was also going to mention that there is also a drug and background screening those accepted have to pass as well. I've already gotten my drug test back so that was a bit quicker, but they told me at the finger printing facility that it could take up to 20 days! I know it's a long shot so it's best not to get your hopes up too high, but people may not pass those requirements. Crossing my fingers for you guys!
  7. What?! How many students are accepted each semester??
  8. Yay congrats!! So happy a lot of our cohort is on this thread! :) I was able to pick and schedule an appointment for both! @SoftballNurse4949 I believe our orientation is on Dec 14th!
  9. LOL I thought the same thing!!
  10. I did the fingerprinting and when they asked me for a payment I told them that it should have already been paid for, then I handed the woman the sheet I printed from the website. I'll be doing the drug screening tomorrow- but it should have all been included in your package! If you paid anything else I'd call them!
  11. So excited to meet you guys at orientation! :) @socalgal114 that's so good to hear, makes me feel better!
  12. @socalgal114 you're the best! Thanks for the info! Another question- has it been easy to get close and make friends in the program? :)
  13. I was wondering that too! I looked online and at the course syllabus that I found of GCCs nursing website- and I think one of the classes was on a Wednesday at 1:40pm. The same class was being offered in the morning for the standard program I assumed. But 1:40pm is in the afternoon and not evening so I'm not sure!! If you find out let me know! @sambelike ahhhh I hope you get in! Fingers crossed!
  14. Hey there! I was on the alternate list and was offered a position for the weekend/evening program as well! Looks like we're going to be classmates!!
  15. Thanks!! I guess they might have missed mine because they were swamped with emails- but I finally got the info today.
  16. Hi everyone! For those of you who have emailed your intent forms, have you received your fingerprinting/drug screening information yet? I sent in my intent form last Friday and haven't heard anything back yet. I did email them this morning to follow up, I was just curious! Thanks!
  17. Congrats majerager!! I'm an alternate too, I'll keep you updated if I hear anything!
  18. Yes! This was the first and only nursing program I applied to. I took all my classes at GCC so I was really hoping to get into their program!
  19. I think they did a seperate drawing for the alternates! My letter specifically stated I was an alternate for the winter/spring session, and if people did not enroll then I would fill in for them. But if no spots became available I would be garuenteed a spot for the Summer/Fall 2018 session. So I believe that in addition to the acceptances for the standard and evening programs there were also alternates selected for the standard and evening programs.
  20. I was selected as an alternate for weekend/evening program. I'll enroll for the program and if someone drops I'll be able to take their position- but at least I'm gaurenteed a spot for Fall 2018. Good luck everyone else!
  21. I was looking at last years thread and it seemed like they had the results by November 18th, so I'm thinking we will probably be getting emails next week!
  22. I was interested in doing the bridge program too! But definitely confused, I would love to talk to you about it and get more information on how the application process and all that works. :) Thank you for all the help and advice!!
  23. It's so good to hear someone who got in! I'm pretty nervous about the whole lottery system. I'm officially in the pool, they said we should hear back mid-Nov. Are you planning on going the RN-BSN route after the program? :)
  24. Thanks! You can do it! There are a lot of helpful review guides on YouTube too. And my overall score was an 84%. I did well on reading, math, and science- but english is the section that really pulled my average down. I spent most of my efforts focusing on reviewing science and math. English is usually my strongest subject so I didn't study for that section nearly as much as I should have. My breakdown was reading (85.1%), math (90.6%), science (87.2%), english (67.7%).
  25. I took it at GCC! I did not really have time to prepare so I ended up spending $50 on the practice test on the ATI website (form B because I heard it was tougher than A). I really reccomend it if you feel nervous! If anything it'll give you a little experience on what the exam looks like which might help your anxiety a little bit. The exam itself was much easier than the practice test in my opinion!!