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  1. Delray Medical Center Math Pre-hire test

    Hi OP How was the math test you had to take at Delray Medical Center. I know this was long time ago but I was hoping to get some info about the test and the interview.. I hope you reply. Thank you.
  2. Kindred Hospital

    Hi Atom2013 I was wondering how is work at kindred? I got an offer from a kindred in Florida and I am not sure if Its good idea for me to take it? I am also a new graduate and the orientation is for 6 weeks. I have heard so many bad things about kind...
  3. Anyone familiar with Kindred (LTAC)

    Hi to the OP Did you take the job at Kindred? How was your experience? You said you are from Sunny Florida? Where exactly? I got an offer and I am thinking on taking it.. I know this post is old.. hopefully you reply. thank you
  4. I have not seen the contract yet, either have I signed it. Im wanting for it so I can sign it. The contract will say what I was told I guess, Orientation - 6 weeks then two years contract and if I decide to leave earlier, I would have to pay a fine. ...
  5. Kindred Hospital

    hi I know this post is old but I was wondering how it went to the people who started at Kindred, Texas? I got an offer from a kindred in Florida... I am in the same boat as the person who wrote the original post... any advice will be appreciate thank...
  6. Hi people, I have a question and I would like some input here on the matter. A kindred hospital decided to give me a chance as a New Graduate and make me an offer. the offer is a Full time day RN Position with 6 weeks orientation with a commitment o...
  7. Just starting a job in an acute hospital

    Hi, I know you are looking for advice here, lol but I would like advice from you. I got an offer to work in a LTAC and I would like to have some insight from an experience nurse in the Area. Do you think it offers a good training if i am looking int...
  8. Hi So I passed the NCLEXRN and now I am looking for a job.. I thought the difficult part was passing the NCLEX RN. I am a little bit concerned since I have applied for several jobs and I have gotten 0 calls. I am foreign educated nurse with experienc...
  9. I took the Nclex for the 2nd time and it stopped at 80.

    I ended up passing for the 3rd time in May 2018 with 75qs!!!!! I used Uworld!! I highly recommend it!!
  10. I took the Nclex for the 2nd time and it stopped at 80.

    The wait is killing me slowly!! I toook it at 2pm on Saturday and it is 10am Monday and nothing. Usually my board have them ready the next day in the morning.
  11. I took the Nclex for the 2nd time and it stopped at 80.

    Yeah i meant the Pearson Trick. I am afraid of doing it. I have heard it is sometimes wrong! I dont know what to think..
  12. Background. i failed the Nclex in the first try with 149 questions. I believed it was because of the lack of strategies. And also because I needed to review some of the content. I only did one book! For the 2nd time I prepared with La charity, learni...
  13. Help!! I think I failed the Nclex for real

    I failed. I knew it. I did 150 but i was very tired!! I have a baby and he still does not sleep through the night. I cant sleep/rest properly! Not blaming my child but you know, I tried quite my best but i am just too tired all the time. At the momen...
  14. Help!! I think I failed the Nclex for real

    ohh I think I belong to the 14% who did not pass the NCLEX. I feel so misarable! I took the test today and I think I failed. I was so confident but once I started with the questions all that confident dissapeared!! I finished with 150 and i felt like...