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  1. Dignity health new grad cohort hiring process.

    Once I got my employee ID I was able to use the credits they give to purchase scrubs through the organization. However I was told if I didn't get the scrubs in time I would have to purchase plain navy scrubs.
  2. Dignity health new grad cohort hiring process.

    The posting are closed but from what a friend of mine was told by the recruiter they will have another new grad program sometime around May. So just be on the look out. Hope that helps!
  3. HonorHealth Interview Process

    You just have to keep checking... they are posted periodically and taken down randomly. Good luck! :)
  4. Dignity health new grad cohort hiring process.

    I received a call today for Mercy Gilbert new grad program, however I have accepted another position. if you're still waiting to hear back from them be on the look out! a friend of mine also received a call today.
  5. Banner New Grad East Valley

    Well best of luck to you! After my interview I never heard anything so I'm guessing I won't hear anything. I have recently accepted an offer somewhere I guess it all worked out :) if I do hear anything I will try to update this just to show...
  6. Dignity health new grad cohort hiring process.

    Hey! Have you heard anything? A friend of mine applied to mercy Gilbert and got a call from a recruiter last Week. I didn't get any call from the new grad postings.
  7. HonorHealth Interview Process

    I just got an email for a phone interview. Did you ever hear anything back?
  8. HonorHealth Interview Process

    I applied but have not heard anything. a friend of mine completed the assessment but has not heard anything back. did the recruiter contact you right away after completing it or did it take a couple days?
  9. Banner New Nurse Experience 2017

    oh okay, Thank you so much for responding. I just interviewed for east valley today with "M" however did not receive an on the spot job offer. so im feeling discouraged after reading others experiences.
  10. Banner New Nurse Experience 2017

    thats awesome you got the position! did the person's first name initial start with M? also was it east or west valley? thanks so much!
  11. HonorHealth Interview Process

    did you have to complete on online assessment?
  12. Banner New Grad East Valley

    Well, I see people have viewed this post so I guess I will just post about my experience so far. I applied for the east valley new grad program on 11/30/17. I did not hear anything until 01/18 to set up an interview. I interviewed 01/23. My interview...
  13. Banner New Grad East Valley

    anyone recently apply to banner east valley new grad program? just wondering what their interview/hiring process is like?
  14. Application Status Help...!

    Did you ever hear anything from dignity ? Sounds like they are reconsidering you as an applicant?
  15. Dignity Health New Grad Hiring Process

    sorry to bother, but do you remember about how long from when you submitted your application to when you received the math test email was? thank you so much, anything helps!