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    Hey guys, So I am 25 years old, recently got an offer at the Cleveland Clinic, and I will be moving soon. I am having a hard time where to live in Cleveland. I want to preferably live close by the clinic either walking distance or 10-15 min drive max. I want to be in a safe, fun city vibe neighborhood. I've done a fair amount of research and I found out that Westlake, Lakewood, the Heights and Trents are pretty decent places to live. I just found them to be more rural. Any recommendations based on my preference for those who live in Cleveland? I don't know anyone out there and I am super excited to move and start my new chapter at the Clinic. I want to meet new people, join a crossfit or a gym nearby. I like trying new restaurants, watching sports, going for a run and hanging out people. Where would this place be in Cleveland LOL? Any recommendation would be helpful. For those who have worked at the Clinic, how was your experience? I will be starting in their j5-6 CVICU. What type of patients do they see? (They have a lot of sub units)... Thanks in advance

    Cleveland clinic

    I am curious to know as well. Congratulations on getting hired. Which department are you going to work?


    Hi everyone, After long hours of preparation for my interview with Cleveland Clinic, I finally got an offer at their CVICU J5-6! If anyone has experience working at CVICU at Cleveland Clinic, how did you like it? How was the unit culture? How much do you make an hour? I work in California RN and I am transitioning from ED to their ICU... Feel free to tell me anything about Cleveland, which neighbor to look into when finding a room or a house. I am happy to help and share my interview process and experience with Cleveland Clinic. Good luck to new grads and experiences nurses looking for jobs at the Clinic!

    California Nurses Pay/Salary 2018

    Just wanted to see an updated pay scale for California nurses out there. Feel free to provide location, hourly pay, yrs of experience, department, and differentials. Location: Sonoma County Pay/hr: $55.08 (12hr x 3 days) Yrs of Experience: less than 1 yr (Staff nurse II after 6 months) Department: ED I work nights so I average $62/hr and just reached $100,000 income before tax as of mid September 2018. I rarely pick up extra shifts... less than 4 extra shifts this year if I remember correctly... Thanks for sharing everyone!!

    New Grad ER HELPPP!!!

    Hi everyone, I finally made an account because I am freaking out about my new grad ER job... I graduated in May and passed by boards in September and I haven't kept up with my nursing skills or practice since graduation. I've been volunteering at a local community clinic but that is about it. I was very fortunate enough to get this job and I will be starting in about two weeks. I signed up for ACLS and PALS classes as well. I am simply asking for ANY advice for those ER nurses out there. I think I am still rusty and not comfortable with many simple nursing tasks and I do not know what is expected as a new grad in the emergency room. It is a Level II trauma center and I will be getting 3 to 4 patients. I did my senior preceptorship in the ICU and I absolutely loved it there. I also loved being in the ER during my clinical rotation. I've been reviewing and learning EKGs and rhythms but I just don't know what I need to prepare for. Are there any good books or websites I can review? Thank you guys (: My name is IDK RN

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