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  1. Linfield Spring 2022

    Hi! I am looking forward to starting too! I found this: I *think* we go until May 26th This year it looks like they started Aug. 30-Dec. 17th, so looks l...
  2. Linfield Spring 2022

    So did I! Congrats!!
  3. Linfield Spring 2022

    Good luck to you too! it is my first time applying to Linfield. It seems like a great program!
  4. Linfield Spring 2022

    Hi! I also applied and haven’t heard anything. I am waiting anxiously until Friday!
  5. CSUSM ABSN Fall 2021

    I took Micro at Portage Learning. It is at your own pace and you can start anytime. Might be a bit cheaper than UCSD. I would have rather have taken it at a CC but it didn’t fit my timeline.
  6. Linfield ABSN vs. Traditional

    Hi everyone! Has anyone done either of these programs? I think Linfield is my top choice. I am trying to decide if I should do the accelerated program or the traditional length. I have a three year old and am concerned how much time I will be...
  7. ABSN in Reno or Portland?

    Hi everyone, I am probably getting a divorce and will be moving to live with family in either Reno or Portland. I have a few prereqs to go before I can apply to an ABSN program. I am having a hard time choosing where to go. I have one daugh...
  8. Online Prereqs

    Thanks! Will check it out!
  9. Online Prereqs

    I am asking for advice. I am hoping to enroll in an ABSN program in about two years, when my military service ends. I have a bachelor's and master's degrees but need to complete all of the science courses. I don't know where I'll be applying because ...