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    Portage learning

    The videos are all online and you can watch as many times as you like, pause, rewind... There is an enormous amount of material in each unit and I found it very difficult to feel “ready“ to take the tests. (But bear in mind this was all a different sort of learning from my background plus I was trying to finish at an accelerated rate.) I’ve heard other people say the classes were easy for them so I really can’t predict what it will be like for you, but for me a live class would be much easier to finish and easier to prepare for tests etc. You can find study cards other students have made on Quizlet for portage courses but I think there are fewer available as the course progresses because it was just too much material to study that way. Do a search for those and it will give you a feel for course content. As much as I complain, I did end up with an A in my portage AP classes, so it’s not impossible obviously, but one nice thing about doing classes at a place like portage is that if you get a terrible final grade, you don’t have to identify the institution in your applications or transcripts for other schools - just pretend it never happened, LOL.
  2. Moved-on

    Portage learning

    I have changed direction, no longer pursuing nursing, and no longer on these boards, but I will weigh back in here for a final comment (essay) because I took three classes from Geneva / Portage. First, your transcript will say Geneva (and if you ask them to make the dates align with a traditional semester they will do that). It may say portage somewhere as well but portage is simply the “name brand“ of their online delivery system, not a school name of its own. Nice, helpful, responsive teachers. Now, the important part, what were the classes and tests like…? Lectures are fast, not always clear, and I found it helpful to go buy a used AP textbook from half-price books to explain things better. All of the reading material is online so you will be printing huge amounts of material on your own printer (assume an entire ream of paper). I don’t see how it would be possible to make notes if you did not have a hardcopy (unless you are really good at using mark up software on a laptop that you can write on - and then you would need the video lectures running on one computer while you took notes along side the written materials on your second computer or tablet. This was what I did.) Labs are utterly ridiculous with regard to how much lecture information they contain and the specific degree of knowledge you have to know to take the timed quiz at the end. Ridiculous. I graduated with a 3.95 GPA for my BSEd and I completed my masters program with around 3.7. But THIS was ridiculous (granted, I am not a “detail” learner, I succeeded in my earlier studies by grasping larger principles and patterns, and NEVER had to memorize lists of bones or definitions of things that have no context in my real world experience – some other people have said they found the portage classes easy, so maybe it depends on the type of brain you have?). Did I mention labs were ridiculous? Like, if you are taking notes by hand and are meticulous like me, a 30 minute lab might take 4 to 6 hours. Here’s how to fix that: 1. Buy an iPhone and install an iPhone version of word or some other document. If you know how to keep these documents in online storage so you can see them on your computer at the same time you are writing them on the phone, all the better - you can take screenshots and add them to your notes. But not necessary. 2. Turn on Siri and let her write a transcript of the lab. Don’t bother with other dictation software (like dragon) because they do not recognize the medical terminology Siri recognizes. 3. Take pictures of every screen that has any sort of text on it. You will need these for your quiz, and it still may not be easy. 4. You need teo computers for this course for a lot of reasons. One of the reasons is so that you can take the quiz on one computer while searching those notes Siri took on the other computer. Yes, you are permitted to use your notes when taking the lab quiz (I think it’s like 10 questions in 20 minutes or something and, did I mention it’s ridiculously specific?). You are not supposed to use any notes or materials during the test, but (as an experienced test taker) I am certain they have amped up the difficulty of the questions so that the test is difficult to complete in the time allotted, even if you are reasonably bright and have studied diligently, done all of the assignments and reviewed them diligently, and EVEN WITH the benefit of using notes. (Do not assume for one minute you could skip studying the materials and pass the test just using the notes. I would theorize the test would be difficult to do well on even if you had studied diligently, made practice quizzes for yourself, AND also had searchable access to the entire unit of materials on a second computer during the test.) Someone like myself might choose to go a different direction with their studies rather than resorting to those sorts of strategies, but I am from an older generation (I’m told the use of unauthorized technology is just expected by teachers and the difficulty of tests is ratcheted up to compensate. I believe this is true with portage and it places an unfair burden on more traditionally minded students who take the “ no notes“ rule seriously. (In case it’s not obvious from above, these tests are not proctored in any way.) I WOULD assume I am just more stupid than I thought (or which my previous degrees indicated), but I found similarly difficult classes I took locally were much, much, much easier than the ones I took through Portage. Tests were hard enough that a substantial percentage of the class made C’s or failed, but I was able to make A’s without needing extra help. So, whatever the cause, taking online classes at portage is a different ball game from taking live classes. ALSO, be sure to copy all of your completed tests into your study notes because they will help a ton with your final. Last, for your tablet, purchase the affordable app “Drawboard PDF” and use it for reading and making notes on your PDFs. Nothing else comes even close to matching it’s ease and versatility (this is for using a stylus/ pen). You can zoom in on white space in the margin and write as many notes as you like, as well as underlining and highlighting in any color you choose. I also purchased the more expensive ($129 on sale) adobe acrobat PDF editor, and it makes me wish I had purchased it years ago because it can eliminate every annoying thing about working with PDFs I’ve ever experienced. But for annotating PDFs, nothing comes close to draw board. But for annotating PDFs, nothing comes close to drawboard. Good luck!
  3. Moved-on

    NursingABC - Portage Learning

    Awesome - wish I could double LIKE! I wish there was a forum where Portage students could talk about stuff like this! Glad to know the neuro part is bigger than the rest - I about passed out when I saw how many questions it contained! Fortunately I already know a lot of neuro basics, so maybe it won't be as hard as AP1.
  4. Moved-on

    NursingABC - Portage Learning

    MPBrown, I just finished the final for AP1, expecting a 97 average, but I studied harder than I have ever studied in my life ( i'm old and have forgotten how to be in effective student so I'm basically memorizing the whole module). I've been so busy trying to memorize every little detail (and the labs are possibly packed with detail) to know if the study questions alone were good enough for the test. Are you saying they ARE? That would make life much easier!
  5. Moved-on

    NursingABC - Portage Learning

    I'm in AP 1 and Chemistry, and the transcripts say "Geneva College", which is regionally accredited as "legit". Baylor and MSU both told me they'd take the credit. HOWEVER, some schools (TCU) specifically say they don't take online lab courses, so that's worth checking out. The transcript doesn't broadcast the online nature of the course (just mentions Portage at the bottom) but if a school specifically does not accept online lab courses, they may recognize "Portage" down in the subscript or be familiar with Geneva having an online component
  6. Moved-on

    Judment call on pre-req AP

    Thanks for the comment – appreciate it! Looks like I'm sticking with the online course to make sure I get the complete picture.
  7. Moved-on

    Judment call on pre-req AP

    Thanks for the feedback, Dodongo. LOL, of course I'll do whatever I want to do but what I WANT to do is influenced by the feedback of those who know the future landscape. My context is unusual - I will NEVER work in a medical setting beyond the clinicals for school. I'll be over 60 when/if I finish, and won't be changing jobs, so my learning objectives are pretty specific (purely psych related with a high-functioning population that doesn't require complex med management). My question is whether the neuro component of AP is something cursory (ie, a shallow survey that contributes to a more rounded understanding, but not necessary for anything beyond earning a credit), or foundational in understanding pharmacology. Glad to hear any other relevant thoughts you have.
  8. Moved-on

    Judment call on pre-req AP

    Thanks for the insight, umbdude! If I do go the local route and have to miss the neuro chapters, I'll definitely make it up on my own. I don't mind the extra study (I probably have a more in-depth interest than would be covered in undergrad anyway). Thanks again for the feedback.
  9. Moved-on

    Judment call on pre-req AP

    I cross-posted a similar question in the PMHNP group (wanting to hear from those in practice) but maybe someone here can give me some feedback from the student perspective? I may be able to get into my local community college for the second part of AP (had to do the first part online to meet a deadline!), and I'd like that a LOT. But the two courses are not in sync, and if I made the switch I would miss the units on nervous tissue, CNS, ANS, and neural integration. I'm a little familiar with the structures from having taught high school psychology, but my ONLY interest in nursing is going to be PMHNP, so I WISH the missed sections would be on bone or cardio, or anything else more distant from PMHNP than neuro functioning. So what do you think? How important was that AP basis in future classes (particularly pharmacology)? Something I could make up on my own with a textbook and YouTube when the time comes, or a "not-to-be-missed" foundation for future work? Thanks!
  10. I hope some of you will take a minute to comment - it would be a real help! I may have a chance to switch schools between AP 1 and AP 2 (from online to local), which I'd REALLY like, but the two curriculums are not in sync and I would be missing the sections on nervous tissue, CNS, ANS, and neural integration. I've shallow-taught these topics at the high school psychology level (and have worked in private practice mental health nearly 25 years), but am still worried about whether they are essential for understanding PMHNP work (like pharmacology, for example). I would like to change schools, and I've jumped into several classes without the prerequisites and did just fine (because I do extra study to make up for my deficits), but don't want to miss something I need in-depth. So... do you remember, is that neurology AP material mostly forgotten after AP, or would it disadvantage me to have missed those neurology sections, in future PMHNP work? Thanks!
  11. Moved-on

    Portage Learning

    I know this is an old post, but for those who come along later, here's some feedback on Portage Chemistry. I wanted to knock this course out in about six weeks too, but one day a week would not be NEARLY enough for me. Granted, I never took chemistry, and have been out of school for more than a couple of decades, but back in the day I was a pretty good student (graduated college with a 3.90) so if you wanted to knock it out in a day, you need to already understand the basics about how chemistry works, and better be really good at memorizing stuff. Use Quizlet flash cards - I have Module One all lined up for you (search for TxLPC). I had to spend a ton of time doing remedial stuff since I never took chemistry in high school (and back then they only had four elements - earth, air, fire, and water), so the next modules might be a lot easier, now that I've conquered the basics. If so, I'll try to come back and update this thread.
  12. Moved-on

    Portage learning Chemistry course

    Just finished the first module exam for chemistry through Portage Learning - it's a good program (not a cake walk, but well done). The transcripts will come from Geneva College and when I looked at an unofficial transcript, Portage is mentioned at the bottom as the facilitator of the course FOR Geneva College (and Geneva is a legit, regionally accredited school). I've checked with Baylor and with Midwestern State, and both will take pre-reqs from Geneva (Portage). If your school of choice will not accept online labs, there's a bit of a gamble going this route because even though the transcript is through Geneva, and says Geneva College, they may recognize the Portage element from experience as being online. Here's what's at the very bottom of the unofficial transcript - (the top just looks like a Geneva College transcript): "This document is being furnished at the request of the student... (says it's unofficial). Portage Learning is the division of Geneva College that offers courses to students seeking to transfer courses to their home institution where they intend to pursue a degree primarily in the health professions. The completed classes are listed as institutional credit on a Geneva College transcript. Portage Learning functions as the facilitator for the Geneva-Portage courses. Therefore, inquiries for Geneva-Portage courses are to be directed to Portage Learning either via phone at 1-888-724-3590 or e-mail info@portagelearning.com."
  13. Moved-on

    UT Arlington ABSN Online Program Spring 2018

    Hi all! The prerequisites for applying to the online ABSN are a little hard to find in a straightforward list... I have a bachelors degree already but from the prereq page I found, it LOOKS like they have additional math and gen ed courses I didn't do back in the dark ages. All the other programs just seem to need 4-5 things related to A&P, Chem, Biochem, and Stats - is UTA a lot different? I just want the BSN so I can go straight into a PMHNP program (I already have a masters in that area, am licensed to diagnose and treat mental disorders, and 20+ years in practice) and I can handle 15 months of ABSN, plus another couple of years PMHNP, but if I have to go back and do a year of freshman Gen Ed (after 108 graduate hours already!), that would be REALLY discouraging. I'll be calling admissions this week, but it's good to know details in case I get someone who only knows the "robot" answers (which seems to happen more often that not, lol).
  14. Moved-on

    Portage learning

    Trying to complete A&P plus chemistry in about six weeks, and I have zero background with either (and have been out of school 30 years, lol). The first module of A&P has me a bit freaked because I think they assume you have some basic understanding of chemistry (which, for me, would be remnants of a general science class in 10th grade, back when Jimmy Carter was president, LOL). Going slow, and looking at YouTube however, I think I may survive this first module…
  15. Moved-on

    Mental Health (LPC) to PMHNP - Old guy!

    Thanks so much for sharing that encouragement with me, HopefullNurse! I am taking one foot off the fence and am RIGHT NOW waiting on course content to finish downloading - I am going to try to knock out AP and Chem prerequisites before the end of the year so I can apply to an accelerated BSN (at Baylor, which I cannot possibly begin to afford, but that's the next hurdle I suppose). If I can't get into Baylor (or get adequate funding), I may have to look at an online BSN program, but I can't imagine how in the world such a program can work online.
  16. Moved-on

    Suggestions for online Psych NP Program

    Jes2788, I'm curious too! Wonder why everyone wants to PM this instead of posting? (I'm evidently too new a member to PM anyone.) Would love to know more about the program.