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  1. How to become PICC nurse In California?

    How to become PICC nurse in CA? I met few travel PICC nurses, they told me they learned PICC from their hospital. I can see that few companies offer PICC classroom courses. But…where can I find preceptorship etc? I can see some companies in east side...
  2. Chaffey college Spring 2018

    Exactly 7 Alts came to orientation day, and I think "most" alts got in. I'm not sure the exact number. But when we started our first semester, there were only 38 students, not 40. How many spots available for second semester? I don't understand your ...
  3. Chaffey college Spring 2018

    Chaffey program is nice. clinic is fun. Exams are difficult. You won't have time on weekend. So busy. Any more specific questions?
  4. Chaffey college Spring 2018

    Updates for those interested in Chaffey program (Info that never found from Online) 1. Alternate List a. Chaffey sent 10 Alt letters b. 7 out of 10 attended on the mandatory orientation c. Alt ranks were not given on the letter d. Alt ranks will ...
  5. Chaffey college Spring 2018

    Presort First class mail $0.45 post marked on Oct.05 = it shows that they send out acceptance/alt letters on the same day. notify my acceptacne to nursing Dept. by Oct.23 Monday Mandatory orientation is on Oct.27 Friday TEAS offered on Nov.17 Friday ...
  6. Chaffey college Spring 2018

    Im extremely discouraged/disappointed now. This was my second try, I haven't received anything yet. Is USPS closed on Columbus Day? Better than nothing. Congratulates to those who received the letter! I applied to other schools, to be honest, due to ...
  7. Chaffey college Spring 2018

    I have 2.9 prerequite GPA, 4.0 General Ed. GPA and AA degree. and I completed everything. Acceptance/Alternate letters will be sent out in the first 10 canlender days. Therefore, MOST people will receive their acceptance/alternate letters by today oc...