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  1. svicente0520

    Help!! I made a medication error!!

    So I put talk in quotations because it was more of gossiping and complaining about the patients. I've seen things that I am sure is illegal and I did go to my actual instructors before hand about my preceptor and the lack of access to emr. I had even told them that it may lead up to an error and low and behold it did. I was told it's full immersion and to just keep going. I am completely responsible for my actions. I have beaten myself up over and over about my error and yes. I wish I had done things differently.
  2. svicente0520

    Help!! I made a medication error!!

    Yes. My Preceptor was within shouting distance and didn't come with me. She stayed behind to "talk" with the other nurses. I take full responsibility for my actions, as I know I did the wrong thing. I have failed my practicum for my mistake. And will not be graduating on time.
  3. svicente0520

    Help!! I made a medication error!!

    Update. So I have failed my practicum. I will not be graduating in May as planned. I will be able to retake the semester this Summer. I hope I never make this kind of mistake again. I thank everyone for helping me. I understand I made a mistake but my preceptor only blames me, which is what it is. I'll continue to count my blessings and keep persevering.
  4. svicente0520

    Help!! I made a medication error!!

    This is my fifth semester in nursing school. I'm doing my practicum in the ER. Today was super busy and I made a mistake and gave the wrong meds to a patient. I am so upset and am fearing that I may not be able to graduate or finish. I have a meeting with my instructor and Dean. So what happened?? It was 7:30 am and my preceptor and I were talking about discharging a patient in a hall bed. RN pulled the meds and gave them to me to give. (Note: I don't have any access to the emr in the ER at the facility I'm doing my practicum). So I gave the meds to the patient we were talking about. Wrong patient!! Yes I did bad by not verifying with the RN and MAR or patient identifiers. I am so worried about failing the semester and program. Is there any hope. Patient was fine. I did verify allergies. And notified MD immediately after. Meds were indomethacin, amoxicillin and Claritin.
  5. svicente0520

    ADN vs. BSN

    Help, I'm a little older (27) and cannot decide if I want to do my ADN or BSN. I would eventually like to become a CRNP. Also been thinking of doing a bridge from ADN to BSN. Just not sure which to do and registration is coming up soon.

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